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Closer than Ever Before

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Nia Hampton | Monday July 3rd 2017

Sexual Telepathy

I spent the past week at the Voice of Nations Arts Writing Workshop for people of color and it’s life changing. I wrote about speculative fiction and decided to share a story with you Pretty Birds this week.


“I just wanna be closer to you sweetie,” she said. They were standing in the new technology aisle of Sugar, a local sex toy store.  “It even comes in pink! Please! I’ll do that thing you like…” She whispered in his ear, her full lips grazing his lobe.  He felt his skepticism melt away as he read the label on the plastic container. Warning may bring you and your partner closer than you’ve ever been before. “What’s the worst that could happen?” he said to himself as the cashier rang him up.

They sped off in his Maserati, her long hair whipping in the wind; she straddled him as he drove, “I wanna use it now!” She bounced and pouted like a toddler throwing a tantrum. He pulled over. As he struggled to rip the new device out of it’s packaging, she pulled out her phone and downloaded the accompanying app. “Hurry up, hurry up!”  He inserted the pink ear bud into his left ear and kissed her deeply, just like the instructions said. The more intensely they kissed the louder the buzzing got in his ear. He held her delicate face in his palms and stared into her eyes trying to see if he had wasted his money on a sexual telepathy device. He kissed her again, closed his eyes and listened, “ Why did he stop?” she thought.

His eyes lit up in excitement as he started to kiss her neck, “Slower…” she thought. He slowed down, “That a boy,” she thought. He continued to kiss her neck and pull her underwear down, she let out a moan, and he listened intently, “I wonder what time I should make my hair appointment for tomorrow…I wonder if this thing really works…”

“It does”, he said sternly. She gasped, her cheeks went red and she purred, “Of course it does babe, I was just checking”. She kissed him strongly, “You know I love you right?“ she thought. “I know,” he said out loud as he began to stroke. He felt a deep sense of pride and satisfaction and began to make passionate love to her, he felt himself getting lost in time until he noticed what sounded like the theme song to the Lion King playing, he looked around to see if he left the car radio on, but it was off. He looked into her eyes and realized it was coming from her, from her inner thoughts. “Oh Simba, you so sexy…” she thought to herself, “oh I love your mane,” she thought as she ran her fingers through his head.

He pulled out of her in disgust.  “Is that what you think about when we’re together? The Lion King?” Her eyes got wide and she thought, “can we just act like this never happened?” He put his pants back on and turned the key in the ignition. He removed the hot pink ear bud and threw it out of the moving vehicle. They drove home in silence.

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