How We’re Cleaning Up Our Skin Care Routines

by Team ATPB

clean up your skincare routine


In 2020, maybe it’s time to KonMari your skin care routine! This month, we’re all about focusing on sustainability, making small changes to better our environments and getting our lives in order. It sounds really intense, but a lot of skin care consumers and avid beauty enthusiasts are seeing the need to pare down their routines and choose products that help the planet. Are you checking out greener beauty or cruelty-free makeup and skincare brands when adding to your cart? 


Clean Up Your Skin Care Routine

Beauty is an ever-changing mood and what worked for you a few years ago, might not be the same thing you like now. Here at ATPB HQ – we’re sharing how we’re cleaning up our skin care routines and choosing beauty brands for the better.  


Alyx Carolus

I’ve had a tumultuous ride with my skin – it’s been clear and not-so-clear over the last five years. I’ll admit that I’ve not always known what to do or what to use but recently I’ve just pared down my routine. I used to have an 8 step routine – and while that worked for a bit. I’ve decided to reduce my steps down to around 5, depending on what I need. I also try and buy packaging-free products or products that come in compostable packaging or reusable tins/jars. 


Charisse Kenion

For me, 2020 will be the year I stop buying sheet masks. Yes, they’re amazing for doing the job, whether that’s hydration, exfoliation, plumping, but they are also non-biodegradable. I have two sitting in my fridge right now that were gifted to me and once they’re done, I’m done. Also, I would implore anyone and everyone to never, ever use face wipes, or, even worse, baby wipes. 


Debra Brown

I don’t wear makeup often but the best decision I’ve made to clean up my beauty routine was to buy reusable makeup remover cloths. You only need water, you can use them for three months and they’re so much easier to travel with than carrying a solution or wipes. This year, I’ll try to be more aware of the packaging of the beauty products I’m buying so that I can recycle them easily and support more brands that are already using recycled materials in their packaging. I plan to swim a lot this summer so I’ll be looking for sunscreen brands with sustainable packaging and ingredients that are safe for the ocean. 


Grace Davin

Some of my favorite beauty and skincare staples are from LUSH, a brand I’ve supported for over a decade not only due to their sustainable practices and social commitments but because their products are great and I love their list of fresh ingredients. This year, I also started using True Botanicals, a MADE SAFE Certified natural beauty brand that uses organic ingredients. I use their Calm line because I have sensitive skin and so far I love everything about it as well as the brand’s eco-packaging and deliciously-scented products. 


Image credit: @kjaerweis


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