Why you should choose a natural fragrance and which ones are best

by Team ATPB

I have about ten new fragrances on my vanity table just waiting to be tested. Spoilt for choice,you may be thinking. And yet, I cant decide which of these works best choice for me. Perhaps it is because none of them are particularly special or unique, or perhaps the time has come to try something new. Thats why Ive decided to completely revamp my beauty routine while I wait patiently for spring to arrive and Ive decided to start the process by rethinking my fragrance choices.

Why have I decided to where natural fragrances?

Because perfume, more than any other cosmetic we use, has a strong impact on our body: indeed, perfumes are composed mainly of substances that have a low molecular weight which have an elevated capacity to penetrate our skin. Like many other cosmetics, perfumes also contain synthetic fragrances: the most common ones belong to a group of substances known as phthalates; they are derived from naphthalene which in turn come is derived from tar, coal and petroleum. These substances are very light thus they are easily absorbed by our bodies and are potentially dangerous. Many companies continue to argue that our body does not retain these substances and that no evidence has been found yet directly linking these substances to the onset of asthma, alleges, irritation or even certain types of tumors. Whatever the truth may be, I have decided to choose low-impact, organic products which are absolutely risk-free for my body. Here are some of the organic fragrances Ive added to my shopping list.

Fable Eau de Parfum by Ellis Brooklyn
Ecocert certified from cap to bottle: every aspect of this perfume is natural. It opens with notes of Neroli and blackcurrant, while the middle notes release Violet, Honeysuckle and Petitgrain, while the end notes are characterized by hints of crisp amber and Cedar wood.

Liz Earle Botanical Essence
Created in Grasse, this is Liz Earles first perfume produced with 98% natural ingredients including Italian Bergamot, French high altitude Lavender, Damask Rose and Indonesian Patchouli.

Melvita Roses Sauvages
A delightful, floral fragrance that pays homage to spring. This eau de toilette is made combing three types of wild roses. 99% of the ingredients are natural and 80% are organic.

Red Flower Guaiac Organic Perfume
Notes of incense are infused with pink Grapefruit making this fragrance unexpectedly bright.

Organic Glam Jasmine The Organic Pharmacy
Ideal for spring, it is characterized by notes of Ylang-ylang and Bergamot. This is one of the most expensive fragrances but it also has the prettiest packaging.

Aveda Stress-Fix
Made from French Lavender an Clary Sage, this organic perfume is sweet and floral with hints of balsamic notes. It is meant to alleviate stress (which makes it even more interesting).

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