Checking In With Friends: Sherri McMullen

by Grace Davin

checking in with friends sherri mcmullen


There’s never been a better time to check in on our friends, Pretty Birds. Life in the time of COVID-19 is full of uncertainty and stress, but no matter how we’re coping, we can all agree it’s a time to be grateful for the people in our lives who show up for us. Checking in With Friends is dedicated to touching base with our fabulous friends all over the world. Today we’re sharing a chat with Sherri McMullen.


Checking in With Friends: Sherri McMullen

Sherri McMullen is the fabulous founder of McMullen, a luxury women’s concept shop with two locations in California. The flagship store in Oakland opened in 2007 and the Palo Alto location in 2019. Her boutique carries amazing brands such as Tibi, Christopher John Rogers, Mara Hoffman, Jacquemus, Ulla Johnson, and so many (amazing) others. She’s been part of the ATPB family for years, featured in her Pretty Birds feature and co-hosting of events with our very own Chief Lover, Tamu McPherson. Read more to catch a glimpse of her new reality.


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Happy Sunday! Hope everyone is doing well ♥️

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All the Pretty Birds: How are you and your loved ones?

Sherri McMullen: We are doing well. Everyone, in our family and friends, is healthy, thank God. 


ATPB: Where are you currently staying?

SM: I am staying at my home in Oakland, California. We recently moved to a smaller space and I’m enjoying the downsize and simplicity of living. 


checking in with friends sherri mcmullen


ATPB: Are you in lockdown/isolation? Describe your new circumstances.

SM: I am with my son and his father. Normally, my son goes between our two homes as we are co-parenting but his father is staying with us during the quarantine. That was an adjustment, but nice for our son to have both of his parents together in one home and eliminates the back and forth. We are all enjoying family bonding time together. I go outside every day to go to my store and back home or I’ll have my son ride his bike safely around the lake for exercise. 


ATPB: How is it affecting your work and personal life?

SM: We are going into week 9 so I’m adjusting to my new normal. In the beginning, it was hard to shift from a business owner/ working parent to homeschooling a 4-year-old toddler. I immediately went into a mode of saving the business so we have a place to come back to after the shelter is lifted, keeping a schedule to have some normalcy and control over my life. I had a schedule every day for our family and that has gone away. Every day is different now. I feel more connected to all of my friends and family. We check in on one another and it’s been nice to slow down a bit without the thought of getting on a plane every month for work. 


checking in with friends sherri mcmullen


ATPB: What have you learned about yourself during this time?

SM: The most enjoyable thing about this change is being with my son more and learning things with him. I’m teaching him to read and it’s been the best part of all of this. I’m also seeing the world differently and how I want to show up going forward. 


ATPB: Can you tell us about a daily ritual that has been keeping you sane?

SM: Each day is different, but I wake up earlier than anyone and enjoy quiet time with coffee. I sit on my yellow chair with a cup of coffee in a favorite mug, wearing a robe and slippers, I close my eyes and take in the silence. Breakfast with my family is the best! Pancakes, bacon, eggs, so much food. His father loves to cook and I’m enjoying it. Normally, I would have coffee in a to-go mug and out the door. 


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Thick thighs save lives

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ATPB: What’s something you hope to take from this experience?

SM: Personal growth through enjoying simple living, having long home-cooked meals with great conversation about the world we are living in, and how I want to do my part to make changes. 


ATPB: What are some things you’re grateful for?

SM: My health, my family and friends, home-cooked meals, my Peloton bike to keep me in shape! 



ATPB: Is there an album or playlist that you’ve been feeling lately?

SM: The Police, Synchronicity. There is so much soul in this album and I love Sting’s voice. It is one of my all-time favorites.



ATPB: Do you have a poem, quote, article, and/or image that you’d like to share to inspire others?

SM: “Nothing can dim your light that shines from within” – Maya Angelou


Feature image credit: Liz Zepeda, Brand Director of @ShopMcMullen 


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