Checking In With Friends: Chloe’ Flowers

by Chloe' Flowers

checking in with friends chloe' flowers


There’s never been a better time to check in on our friends, Pretty Birds. Life in the time of COVID-19 is full of uncertainty and stress, but no matter how we’re coping, we can all agree it’s a time to be grateful for the people in our lives who show up for us. Checking In With Friends is dedicated to touching base with our fabulous friends all over the world. Today we are sharing our chat with our own Pretty Birds, Chloe’ Flowers.


Checking In With Friends: Chloe’ Flowers

Chloe’ Flowers is teacher and freelance writer and cherished member of Team ATPB! You may have read articles, which include how to Feng Shui your home and tips for easing and healing anxiety. Her passions for health, wellness, and art add great dimension to each of her pieces as well as her own lifestyle blog LADYFOX and Instagram @discochlo.  Read along as we chat with her!


All the Pretty Birds: How are you? How are your loved ones?

Chloe’ Flowers: My loved ones are well. At the moment, I am well. Each day is different for me. My main moods are a combination of inspiration and sorrow.   


ATPB: Where are you currently staying?

CF: Currently, I am occupying my small loft in inner-city Dallas, Texas.



ATPB: Are you in lockdown/isolation? Describe your new circumstances.

CF: Lockdown began in March and we have transitioned to social distancing. Masks are required in public. My new circumstances are speed grocery shopping and lots of car rides and stroller walks to get out of the house. I am home with my toddler, who has lots of energy. Learning to keep him entertained has become quite a challenge and looks different every day. There has been word of another total lockdown soon. 


checking in with friends chloe' flowers


ATPB: How is it affecting your work and personal life?

CF: Right now, I am off during the summer as a teacher, but have few answers as to what will happen during the next school year. August marks the start of the fall semester and I still am unaware of what to expect or if I will even go back. Social distancing has given me plenty of time to freelance write and do creative work which I love. My personal life is now using the phone a lot to stay in contact with my close friends and family. Every Thursday I have a virtual happy hour meeting with my mom, aunt, cousin, and grandma – we call it “Thirsty Thursdays”. 



ATPB: What have you learned about yourself during this time?

CF: I learned much more about self-maintenance, and responding to needs I abandoned in the past. I learned better ways to take care of my skin, health, and eating habits. I learned to really sit with my emotions. I learned how to find joy in small things, and how to decorate an empty apartment with little access to regular shopping. I’ve been a DIY queen this whole isolation period.


ATPB: Can you tell us about a daily ritual that has been keeping you sane?

CF: My skincare routine has become my favorite part of the day. Mornings and evenings are my special time to watch home decor videos on Youtube or listen to podcasts as I care for my skin or apply masks. Lately, I’ve been really into Paris and London studio apartment tours. Here is a nice and therapeutic one perfect for your self-care time. 


checking in with friends chloe' flowers


ATPB: What’s something you hope to take from this experience?

CF: I really hope to carry on without needing a lot of material things. Being without showed me how overindulgent I was. I want to continue the simplicity when things are fully open. My partner and I scheduled a visit to a nearby antique store. This is something new places are doing to ensure safety. We had the massive store all to ourselves. It was nice to just explore and be inspired without buying anything. We really miss the local museum, so this was a unique way to see art.


ATPB: What are some things you’re grateful for?

CF: I am grateful for my mom being as close as she is. I used to live seven hours away from her, but now only two. When I get cabin fever or when my toddler needs to run free and have more space, I am able to take a nice drive out to her home. Having her closer has given us a sense of normalcy and family – which I truly cherish.


ATPB: Is there an album or playlist that you’ve been feeling lately?

CF: My good girlfriend made a playlist in the thick of the pandemic called “Quarantine Feels”. I listen to this playlist all the time. My favorite song this week on the playlist is called “Gravity” by River Timber. I love the playlist because she featured music I wouldn’t listen to every day along with some reggae and classics. It’s a very relaxing vibe. 



ATPB: Do you have a poem, quote, article, and/or image that you’d like to share to inspire others?

CF: I’d like to share this photo of Irene Royo in Barcelona painting model Kam for brand Paloma Wool. This picture brings me ease and peace during this time of racial tension. Seeing this black woman being represented as a muse and adornment by Irene brings me love and joy. This form of beauty is a reminder that it is possible to love one another beyond differences through art. This image for me chips away at hopelessness and hatred.


checking in with friends chloe' flowers


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