I Went in for a Facial and Came Out of a Spiritual Journey with my Chakras Cleared

by Roki Prunali

Warning: what I am about to tell you sounds very LA, but it is nevertheless true… I got my chakras cleared while getting a facial and it was honestly a spiritual experience. I was a skeptic at first, but as my time on the coast came to a close, I decided to jump all in for this facial. I have always been wanted to have my chakras healed and cleansed, but always a wimp to try it on its own. Since it was only a small part of my over two-hour facial I just thought, what the heck. Add on the chakra clearing.

I discovered Skin Worship on my Instagram feed (of course). While getting a facial, the film showed her healer chanting. Initially, I was hesitant because of the fat price tag attached to the specific service I wanted done. Then a trusty friend speedily changed my mind with the classic “It really isn’t much with all that you’re getting in the treatment.” I was sold. Mind you, lately I rarely have time to get a facial – pre-kid I was a regular. So, let’s just say that I’ve been overdue for some TLC.

Chakra Clearing

The Transformational Facial Ceremony jam-packed each of my usual treatments into one special treatment. Jacquleine, my esthetician, welcomed me into the room so graciously and told me to prepare for the facial by laying on the heated infrared bio-mat embedded with amethyst crystals. I mean that just sounds cool. After a few brief words about myself, she came back with a black obsidian to place on my throat chakra as protection for travelling and a couple of Body Vibes stickers. These “smart stickers” rebalance the body by feeding it specific bio frequencies, depending on what you are lacking in that moment. I got a cocktail of beauty and flower power, programmed with frequencies from the hemp plant to help me chill. To finish up the our introductions, she also informed me that she is a clairvoyant and that she felt that I was pregnant at the moment, or that it will happen soon. Still praying she is right!

Ready for this spiritual journey, the first step of the facial was a deep pore cleanse with dead sea minerals to help purge the skin of impurities, to then follow up with extractions. I secretly enjoy extractions (again I like to suffer, no idea why), so sometimes that is my favorite part of the facial. Next up comes the triple effect of exfoliation: microdermabrasion (which I also oddly love), a custom peel and a unique gommage. If that wasn’t enough, after stimulation from a gentle micro-needling sesh, the LED therapy left my skin glowing after the exfoliation. Then followed a custom mask with some much-needed neck and shoulder massage. Heaven. And to top it all off, an oxygen infusion of 99.9% pure gold, copper, zinc and silver. To send you home, a top off of Skin Worship products to seal in all that goodness – and don’t forget your crystal. That is a lot, am I right?

Chakra Clearing

My face not only glowed for days, but so did my spirit. In the middle of my facial, Benson, the resident energy healer, joined me to do a 30-minute session. It may have been short, but man was it effective. Not sure what was behind my incessant crying during his session, but from start to finish I could not hold back the tears. Not a word was said on my end, he simply placed two pink crystals, one in each hand and said, “Yup that’s right.” From there, he started me on a visualization journey by making me put myself in a pyramid of protection. In this protected place, I was able to open up and he was able to feel all my energy.

A few things stood out to me in the short time with Benson. First, he asked me to say 20 things I love about myself, with every time starting with that same phrase. Have you ever tried to that, to say things you love about yourself? I don’t know about you, but it was probably the most emotionally difficult thing I have had to confront. I got to about three things, before I started saying, “I love my son, I love my husband”. He assured me that it was wonderful, but that isn’t about me. After continuous stuttering and repeating the opening phrase, with nothing to back it up with, he offered to help. Benson probably rattled off about 15 things that I could say reflect my personality, but would have never thought to say that it was what I loved about myself.

The next topic that he attempted to understand is one that I will never understand myself: my mother. From the very beginning of our session, he felt that I had anger pent up inside of me, so he questioned where it stemmed from. Now that is novel in itself, so I won’t go into all the details. There has been a lot of history of pent up frustration and hurt from my mother that as an adult with my own family, has now turned to anger. And this anger manifests itself in many non-joyous ways. Benson picked up on this right away and told me he would love to work on this with me outside of this session, which I so quickly obliged.

Chakras Clearing

Succeeding my confessions, Benson worked his magic healing powers to release some of this anger. A mixture of Reiki, Hebrew chanting and a visit from his two angels had little impact quickly following the session. I felt lighter in thought and relaxed, but did not know the whole effect that it had on me. That night, when I encountered my mother, there was definitely a new outlook and attitude on her behalf. On any normal day, I tend to respond like a teenage girl would, quick and straight up bitchy. This day though, as if a happy wave (or happy pill, but no pills were taken) took over my body, I responded and acted in a loving manner. Normally, I have to make a serious conscious effort to hold myself back. That day was like a walk in the park.

From the tenseness he felt after these exercises, Benson questioned why I am so hard on myself. At this moment of our session, the floodgates were completely open and I could not refrain myself from balling. I tend to think of myself as a failure, that I never amounted to anything. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and feel very fortunate on that end, but still feel I am struggling to find my path. He assured me as long as you put value in what you do, it would always be great. And that is what I hope I achieve with you Pretty Birds, that these health and wellness stories can add something valuable to your life!

Chakras Clearing

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