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intermittent Fasting
Charisse Kenion

Why I’ve become an intermittent fasting type

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I used to think that people who didn’t eat breakfast were just weird, until I started reading about intermittent fasting. Weight-loss claims aside, what first attracted me to IF was the fact that, although it meant establishing some kind of parameters around when I ate (you give yourself an eight-hour window in which to eat), it also felt like things were a little more relaxed. I have this thing where I kind of hate numbers – on the scales, counting calories, etc – so IF started to feel like something I could try to aid my digestion, without feeling like I was a failure if I didn’t stick to it religiously.

Dirty Dozen
Tamu McPherson

Sit Down, You Won’t Believe what Has Made the 2019 Dirty Dozen

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You may be well on your way to achieving nutritional balance, having identified the program that works best, but one of the biggest parts of improving your nutrition is adding vegetables and fruits to your diet and leaving behind processed foods. If you are going to splurge on something, organic produce avoids large amounts of pesticides that you would otherwise be exposed to with commercial farming. With that said, to assist us in navigating this part of our grocery shopping, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) – a nonprofit, nonpartisan environmental organization – releases a list every year called the “Dirty Dozen”, which names the top 12 produce that contains the most pesticides.

Mental Health
Anja Tyson

Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning

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I am not a suicidal person, and to pretend that I am would be to recklessly co-opt a struggle that I have no place in. I have definitely dealt with lifelong depression and anxiety, though, which are both factors that can eventually contribute to escalated mental health issues, and this is something I try to be mindful of as much as possible. I try to check in with myself. I try to admit when I need help. I try to remember that if I stop doing these things it will pose a great threat to my emotional health, and that metric is one of the cornerstones holding my whole foundation together.

I am also a thirty-something single mother living in one of the largest and most challenging metropolises on the planet, with a demanding career and an ambition-oriented personality, and those keywords are never found in a search for optimal mental health conditions. I am one of millions marching uphill toward personal fulfillment, with all the sprained ankles and missteps into poison ivy that that march entails. And, like many others, I am grateful for the journey, which includes victories big and small, mistakes minor and path-changing, and personal highs and lows that make up a real life lived.

And this spring, I started to drown.


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