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women in the work place
Alyx Carolus

Women in the workplace – how to navigate post-grad life and career crossroads 

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Pretty Birds, your first foray into the working world will probably be a moment you’ll never forget. There is nothing quite like getting that piece of paper, attending your graduation and reflecting on all the hard work that went into your newfound qualification. And, of course, saying goodbye to the 7 a.m. classes, clunky textbooks, and stressful exams related to higher education can be the ultimate relief. If you are a seasoned professional, going freelance or opening up your own shop will affirm all your hard won experience and expertise.

But as one door closes, another chapter begins. The working world can be a precarious place for any adult, and young women particularly face a variety of struggles. As we are in the midst of graduation season, we spoke to some women who share the same worries you may be experiencing to garner some insights and tips for moving to the next step in your professional journey.

Marsha p johnson
Debra Brown

In The News This Week

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Each Wednesday, we recap the most important headlines from our global community to keep you up to speed on world news.

Iconic trans activists Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera will be honored with a monument in New York City near the site of the Stonewall Inn. The monument will honor the duo’s leadership in the LGBTQ+ community and movement during the era of the 1969 Stonewall uprising.

woman in white shirt holds sign above head stating trust us with our bodies
Sofia Celeste

Pro-Choice Activist Jessica Markuson Addresses Abortion Bans

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By Sofia Celeste

It’s hard to fathom, that in a globalized, democratic, technologically advanced, enlightened society, ultra-conservative lawmakers in over a half a dozen states are turning the tide back to a time before 1973, when women did not have the right to a safe abortion in their home state. But, alas, as abortion bans and right wing sentiment spread like wildfire through the US Bible Belt and the midwest states, a woman’s right to choose (even in the case of rape, incest or a risky pregnancy) is under threat nationwide.


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