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Roki Prunali

Activated Charcoal Beauty Products For Your Skin Detox Needs

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With all the die hard wellness enthusiasts I come to contact with on a daily basis here in Los Angeles, let’s just say little shocks me in terms of the latest health trends. Activated charcoal may not be new to the scene, but when you start going to restaurants and charcoal water is on the menu, or that the incredulous wall of beverages at Erewhon has a whole section dedicated to this supplement, you know we have an obsession on our hands. Still hesitant to actually taste it, I have used it in my beauty regime.

Oribe Pola
Faith Cummings

After Oribe’s Untimely Passing, His Company Is Putting a Major Focus on Black Women

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Natural hair is not just a moment, but a movement. I’ve been natural for almost a decade—attempting to grow out my relaxer in college to no avail, but succeeding post-grad. Since then, my mother and best friends have also opted for their natural coils and curls and so have countless other black women all around the world. It all feels quite reminiscent of the 70’s when my grandparents embraced the ‘fro, but this time around, the shift feels permanent and beauty brands the world over are either sprouting up to cater to our hair needs or are evolving to include a vaster texture range.

Oribe is one such brand: long a favorite of icons of color including Naomi Campbell and Jennifer Lopez and women with curls all over the globe. The industry was rocked this year when its Cuban-born founder, Oribe Canales passed, but it seems fitting that one of the newest launches after his untimely death is one that embraces and seeks to care for textures that would broaden and deepen his legacy.


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