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Tamu McPherson | Wednesday May 30th 2018

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I met Sidney Prawatyotin, the creator behind the Instagram art account @siduations, last September in Paris during fashion week. Our mutual friend and ATPB contributor, Anja Tyson, introduced us over drinks at Cafe de Flore and gushed about how incredible he is. I was an immediate fan of Sid’s brilliant high-fashion-meets-everyday-life images.

When Sid and I met again this past February, we carpooled to the Sies Marjan runway show and mused on how we could collaborate with each other. After a few emails back and forth, we agreed to let Jamaica’s Carnival be the source of our inspiration, especially since I was traveling there for Easter holiday.
To accompany our images, I called Sid in California, where he lives with his husband and their dogs Eno and Zoë, to find out more about his journey in the fashion world.

Carnival Siduations 2

A career creative, reinventing himself several times in the industry, he has worked as a stylist, designer and a publicist. Over the years, he has honed his photographic memory to effortlessly make connections between fashion collections, popular culture and everyday life. He calls his cerebral index of cultural references his personal artilerary when it comes to the images that he creates for Siduations.

Sid created @siduations after moving to California with his husband after a lifetime in New York City. With a huge change in environment and professional work pace, he was eager to keep his creativity fresh while the two settled into their new city, and immediately knew he needed to practice something creative on a daily basis. At the time, he found himself spending hours sitting in L.A.’s infamous traffic, and in an effort to entertain himself, he started downloading and playing around with various photo editing apps. What started as a fun diversion organically evolved into the artistic exercise he had been searching for, and one of the most hilariously clever and renowned Gram accounts to date.

Carnival Siduations 3

A true fashion appassionato, Sid shared with me that despite his “love and personal knowledge of fashion, some designs can look weird or out of place in real life.” This impression of fashion outside of the runway context inspires his respect for the work of street style photographers like Phil Oh and Tommy Ton, who capture high fashion on the streets during fashion week. Sid takes a different spin on their work by inserting street style, as well as runway imagery, in unexpected places like the classroom, banks, nudist beaches and college campuses. He offers that his contextualized images “might encourage more people to wear these clothes in everyday scenarios.” He sees himself as a storyteller first and foremost, and that the visual narratives that he is currently communicating on his platform will provide inspiration for people to embrace high fashion.

It is important to note: Sid does not have an agenda behind his imagery. His visual stories are principally spontaneous reactions to collections or street style pictures. Additionally, his work is not a critique of the collections or the status of fashion, but rather a reflex of his knack for making fun and witty connections. When I asked Sid about the feedback he has received in response to Siduations, he responded, “it is not important for his followers to recognize his references.” He adds, “I appreciate the interpretations that commenters leave because it is an opportunity for me to learn different point of views. I value the interactions, there is beauty in that.”

Carnival Siduations 4

Sid officially launched Siduations in February 2017 during fashion month, and the account has gained significant traction since then. When I questioned him about his objectives for the account he confided, “This is my mood board for bigger projects. Ideally I would like to stop photoshopping. I would like to evolve, work as a photographer, create editorials and creative direct a team. I recently watched a documentary on Andy Warhol’s creative process which was comprised of directing a team of artists to realize his iconic works.”

I totally see Sid realizing his intentions in the future, as he is definitely a true fashion maverick. Make sure to watch his space.

Carnival Siduations 5

Finally, Sid on our Carnival MashUp:

“When you think of packing for Carnival, you would pack differently. You brought your specific mood to the story, proving that anyone can enjoy their personal interpretation of carnival style. It really shows the spirit of you being there without you partaking, any one can enjoy Carnival. You don’t have to be so literal.”

Art – Sidney Prawatyotin
Studio Photography – Eleonora Adani
Carnival Photography – Jonathan South
Make-up Artist – Greta Roncoroni

Outfit Details:
Look 2. Marco De Vincenzo Dress and Balenciaga Shoes
Look 3. Attico Dress
Look 4. MSGM Blouse and Trousers
Look 5. Krizia Jumpsuit


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