Bob: how to choose the right cut


Bob: how to choose the right cut

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Michela Marra | Friday June 9th 2017

Bob: how to choose the right cut

Bobs are the coolest cuts at the moment and they are also easy to wear if you choose the one that best suits your face. Whether long or short, layered or even, straight or wavy, bobs are a favorite among stars and beauty addicts who love to flaunt different finishes based on their mood that day. If you, too, want to opt for this cut, follow our advice.

The bob for those with a rectangular face
Those with a rectangular face usually have a high forehead and a long jawbone. Choose a short or mid-length bob that is never too flat. Focus on volume around the cheekbone area. Finally, add an extra touch of glam to your cut by going for bangs, especially long, full ones, so that you can cover your forehead.

The bob for those with a triangular face
A triangular face is characterized by the fact that the lower features of the face dominate over the upper ones. Again the goal in this case is to re-establish proportions and give hair the right amount of movement so that it breaks the cuts structure. Bangs? Yes, but be careful: it shouldnt be long and flat but rather short and wavy. A tuft that you can part to the side is even better.

The bob for those with a round face
In this case, the length of the face is the same as the width. If you have a round face, opt for a long bob with layers around the cheeks. Not straight nor curly: it is best to avoid either extreme. The same goes for tufts to be parted to the side which should be light and layered.

The bob for those with a heart-shaped face
A wide forehead and a small chin are the features that characterize this type of face. The solution for creating balance is to add volume from the cheekbones down, while roots can be left flat so as not to draw too much attention to the forehead.

The bob for those with a square face
A square face is characterized by features that are more pronounced. To create harmony, opt for mid-length to long hair which can be paired with curs, both tight and loose, or waves. Do not choose a geometric cut however do go for bangs that are longer on the sides.

Are you ready to flaunt your new cut? Have a look at the gallery with pictures weve selected for you and be inspired.

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