Bicolour Hair: All About The Trend, Tips And Products To Use

by Team ATPB

Bicolour Hair: All About The Trend, Tips And Products To Use

By Michela Marra

Hey Pretty Birds,

we’ve become fans of bicolour hair. Personally, I’ve tried pairing brown with pink, green and red, and my latest haircut flaunts a copper red hue with purple tips. Of course, I wouldn’t say the overall result is like Katy Perry’s who, has now become a hair colour guru and a point of reference for those who want to dabble in dying their hair…


Photo Courtesy Glamour Magazine
Photo Courtesy Glamour Magazine
Photo Courtesy Glamour Magazine
Photo Courtesy Glamour Magazine

Can we consider this an authentic trend? The answer is definitely “yes!” On Instagram, we’ve come across numerous pics of people who’ve embraced the trend. We’ve selected some of the looks we’re especially fond of.




How should we be taking care of our bicolour hair? Is this a look that truly suits everyone? What hues work best together? We asked hair stylist Salvo Filetti of Compagnia della Bellezza for some advice. Here’s how he replied.

What are the trendiest colour combos?
Glossy black with violet, spicy chocolate with copper red, and lavender blond with anthracite brown. However, colour choices are always made in relation to the hair’s base colour. The secret? If you only maintain your natural base colour from root to bangs, you can exaggerate the colour contrast with very light hues or vibrant copper reds. Bright colours like lavender or teal are back which I’ve also included in my collection. Naturally, both of those colours should be paired with appropriate tones and combinations.

Best catwalk trend?
A bob with bangs in a different colour to create a colour-block effect! A bold style that exalts the haircut’s geometric shape and emphasizes the eye-nose-mouth triangle.

What about hair care?
We need to be mindful of different colour highlights which tend to fade and lose their vitality, becoming uniform over time. So, every 15 days we should create a sort of colour rinse, which should be specific for every section that is treated so as to renew brightness and tone.

Are there instances in which you would not recommend bicolour hair?
Undoubtedly, bicolour hair works best on people who have a lot of character, so we strongly discourage colour block/bicolour hair on women who tend to opt for a more reassuring style and an angular face shape. It should also be avoided on frizzy hair that tends to “expand” easily.


Salvo Filetti - Photo courtesy: Compagnia della Bellezza
Photo courtesy: Compagnia della Bellezza
Photo courtesy: Compagnia della Bellezza

Attention, Pretty Birds: if you opt for bicolour, choose targeted products to wash and care for your hair. Here are some suggestions based on the ones we like best.


Cotril Protective Shampoo Creative Walk Color Care
Cotril Protective Mask Creative Walk Color Care
Davines MINU Shampoo
Davines MINU Conditioner
Maschera protezione colore di Keramina H
Olio ristrutturante per capelli colorati Keramine H
Shampoo Protezione colore Cromatix di Biopoint
Mask Cromatix di Biopoint
Maschera sublimatrice di luminosità Okara René Furterer

Cotril Creative Walk Color Care Protective Shampoo and Mask, revive and maintain shine wash after wash, thanks to Linseed oil, vitamin E and Orange extract. With their antioxidant formula, these ingredients restructure hair and guarantee a reflective effect.

MINU Shampoo by Davines has a rich, full-body foam, perfect for gently cleansing coloured hair.

MINU Conditioner by Davines is specially formulated to untangle hair and protect colour.  The dominant fragrance note in MINU products is citrus based (orange blossom). Apply it to towel-dried hair after having used MINU shampoo. Leave it in for 5-10 minutes, then comb through and rinse thoroughly. Finally, proceed with regular drying routine.

Colour Protection Mask by Keramina H is the ideal nourishing treatment for hair. Thanks to its active ingredient, PRO-STRUCTURE, derived from nuts, as well as Keratin and avocado oil, it restructures and protects hair from the very first use, leaving it soft and silky and bringing back vitality and shine to your hair colour.

Ketamine H’s Restructuring Oil for coloured hair contains a blend of oils that are ideal for nourishing, restructuring and protecting hair, as well as for enhancing colour. The Linseed Oil provides restructuring properties thanks to its essential fatty acids including omega-3 and omega-6. These acids help hydrate hair and control water release. Avocado Oil is rich in beneficial properties, including vitamin E, carotenoids and phytosterols which nourish and regenerate, making avocado oil particularly appropriate for very sensitive, coarse and dehydrated hair. Finally, Sunflower Oil features a high concentration of vitamin E which contains antioxidant and nourishing properties.

Cromatix Colour Protection Shampoo by Biopoint is the ideal shine rinse for illuminating hair colour and uncovering shine and lustre. It provides maximum shine, vitality and colour depth which lasts over time.

Mask Cromatix by Biopoint is a shine-enhancing treatment for all types of coloured hair. It hydrates hair from within, strengthening its structure and maintaining intense, uniform colour from root to tip. Furthermore, it increases hair fibre’s elasticity and shine.

Okara Sublime Shine Mask by René Furterer has a texture which combines the richness of a cream with the lightness of a gel to repair fragile hair.

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