Best Athleisure for any workout

by Jessie Ajluni


Best Athleisure For Any Workout By Jessie Ajluni

Expanding upon the week’s theme of health and starting 2017 with a more positive mentality. I wanted to round up some of the best fitness and athleisure brands on the market for different types of workouts. Now, if you’re anything like me, dragging yourself to the gym is a massive struggle. A constant procrastinator, I will always (and I do mean ALWAYS) find an excuse about why I couldn’t possibly go today. To combat this, I have begun trying out different classes in the hope of finding some newfound latent love for all things fitness, to varying degrees of success…

Athleisure barre beauty
Barre Class
Let me start off by saying I love LOVE the clothing for Barre class. One part balletone part yoga, anytime I dress for these classes I feel like channeling my inner Flashdance character.  The class itself, however, is a workout with a capital W. Think yoga or pilates, but dialed to 11. You’ll be feeling muscles you never knew you had.  One thing when planning your outfit for a class is to note that you don’t wear shoes, socks can work fine for a class or two but if it’s something you want to continue to look into investing in a pair of athletic dance shoes.  They will be lifesavers!

Athleisure yoga perfect

Yoga Class
Now I am no stranger to yoga classes and have been mixing fitness and finding my inner zen for years now. This is one class I know I can drag myself to at any time so tackling what to wear has been an ever-evolving process.  In college, it was a pair of leggings and whatever oversized frat party tee I could find. But over the years I have realized that tighter is better. Now I know that wearing a sports bra or tight fitting tank when you aren’t feeling your most fit can be hard but it is important for the instructor to be able to see your forms and make sure you are doing them correctly and trust me people are going to get more of an eye full with a baggy shirt in  downward facing dog than they would in a sports bra. Another trusty tip: always stay hydrated, I am obsessed with the S’well water bottles with all of their amazing prints you will always be a #fitspiration when carrying them around.

Athleisure marathon maven

Marathon Maven
Okay, okay let me confess I am not quite up to a marathon level of fitness (but you know 2017 goals and all that). However, if like me, going to the gym seems anything but fun- maybe start by going for a run around your neighborhood. Start small, just a block or two and before you know it you’ll be getting those runners high and going miles.  What you wear while working out also help for a serious motivational push towards this avenue of fitness. With the amazing technology, athletic brands are creating for their runner’s gear  is the perfect mash-up of function meets fashion.

Athleisure soulcycle sexy

Cycling Crush
If running isn’t your thing perhaps try cycling. Whether you’re hitting the streets or jamming out in the latest soulcycle class, cycling can be an awesome way to stay active while having fun. Let your clothes reflect this by going for bright colors and cool prints and don’t forget to invest in a good pair of cycling shoes.  Having them will improve your workout by miles… literally.

Find our favorite athleisure in the gallery and don’t forget to click on the images to shop.

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