Berlin Gallery Weekend

by Tamu McPherson
Hey there Pretty Birds,
As promised, the pictures from my Berlin Gallery Weekend experience. As I mentioned here, it was my first time in Berlin. And even though I can’t remember ever going on a leisure trip with a themed itinerary (and not as a general tourist), I think that it makes perfect sense to visit and explore Berlin during its gallery weekend, especially since it’s known for its amazing art energy. That being said,  I’ll definitely go back (I LOVE the city) to visit the monuments and historic places, the philharmonic, and to try its amazing restaurants (we had the best Thai food at Ed’s and I’ve heard of tons of other fascinating restos). For now, here (in chronological order) is a visual diary of the works, galleries and landscape details that I saw while in town. Please enjoy…
Images in the slideshow:
1. Painting by Markus Bacher at the Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery through June 2013.
2. Sculpture by Thomas Kiesewetter at the Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery through June 2013.
3. Andy Sabbat leading the way to spectacular views a top the Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery.
4. Andy in front of a work by Anselm Kiefer at the Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery.
5. The Freidrichswerder Church.
6-7. Michelle Elie interacting with Oscar Tuazon’s installment “Spasms of Misuse” at the Schinkel Pavillion.
8. A stunning sculpture in the Schinkel Pavillion’s garden and a view of the of the Berlin Cathedral and the TV Tower on Alexanderplatz.
9. Another view of the the Freidrichswerder Church with Berlin’s ubiquitous water pipes.
10. Michelle and bestfriend Andy.
11. A work by Italian artist Monica Bonvicini at the Johann König Gallery. I’m going to use this saying whenever anyone ruffles my feathers. Can you imagine? Loser, “Add Elegance to Your Poverty.” Chic!
12. The lettered pavement outside the Berlinische Galerie. The pavement reminds me of the sofa in our family room.
13. Michelle with Emilie Bruner, co-founder of the t.a.c.t “Travel and collect together,” a members-only art collectors club.
14. Isa Genzken’s installation at Neugerriemschneider gallery.
15. A performance during the exhibit “Relaunch” at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art.
16. Carsten Nicolai’s installation entitled “crt mgn” at the EIGEN+ART gallery.
17. The facade of the Neu Gallery.
18. Jana Euler’s “Badewanne II” at Neu Gallery reminds me of my son swimming in his bathtub. He’s still got some room though.
19-20. Other works at Neu.
21. Installation by Alicja Kwade at the Sammlung Boros (Bunker). The Sammlung Boros is a fantastically impressive converted bunker that houses the private collection of Christian and Karen Boros.
22. Klara Lidén’s “Teenage Room” at the Bunker.
23. Cosima Von Bonin’s installation at the Bunker.
24. Michael Sailstorfer’s installation at the Bunker.
25-26. Works at the Bunker.
27. A work by Thea Djordjadze at the Bunker.
28. A work by Tomas Saraceno at the Bunker.
29. Michael Sailstorfer’s, Popcorn Machine “1:43-472” at the Bunker. Yum!

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