Beauty Advent Calendars: The Best Way to Treat the One You Love Most (Yourself)


Beauty Advent Calendars: The Best Way to Treat the One You Love Most (Yourself)

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Michela Marra | Wednesday November 22nd 2017

Beauty Advent Calendars: The Best Way to Treat the One You Love Most (Yourself)

There are only two days out of the year that I consider really worth counting down to. The first, of course, is the day my summer vacation starts, but surely not far behind is the magical, glorious, festive celebration of Christmas.

When I was small, we had an Advent calendar in my house where I could find candy and small toys hidden behind the flap for each day. Designed with children in mind, these calendars are the perfect “mind-your-behavior-or-Santa’s-not-coming” tools, doling out Pavlovian treats once daily for good behavior, and I loved them.

Now, as a grown beauty addict, I am thrilled that my industry has adopted my favorite holiday tradition into their own yearly production of BEAUTY ADVENT CALENDARS!! Every brand has their chance to shine in this special opportunity to taste test 24 travel-sized products leading up to the Big Day, from lipsticks to eye pencils to mini-facials and bath products. Is there anything else you would rather do while waiting for the holidays to roll around?

Here are all of the Advent calendars to gift others and ourselves for Christmas 2017.

Advent Calendar by Clarins

A chest that holds 24 beauty treasures, all to be explored day after day; 24 gems by Clarins, including facial and body treatments, and made to unravelevery morning with a pleasant surprise while you wait for Christmas.

Advent Calendar by Yves Rocher

It includes 24 travel-sized products to enhance your beauty and help you choose the most glam look for the holiday season! Youll find this limited addition item in Atelier Lab Yves Rocher stores.

Kiehl’s Advent Calendar by Kate Moross

For the first time, Kiehls presents its Advent calendar which boasts a colourful, artistic touch: it was designed by Kate Moross, the eclectic English woman. Besides the 15 mini-sized products and 6 samples so that you can try a different formula every time, youll also find the brands iconic Lip Balm #1, the Avocado Eye Contour Cream and the Ultimate Strength Hand Salve hand cream.

L’Occitane Premium Advent Calendar  

A truly precious calendar that includes the best beauty products by Occitane, all in luxury travel sizes. Ready to discover a different product each day, all ideal for making you your prettiest during the holidays?

Benefit Cosmetics SF Winter WonderGLAM

Designed for those who love the California brand (like us!) this calendar is dedicated to one of the most famous cities in the US and contains Benefits top 12 makeup products.

Advent Calendar by Dr. Hauschka

Do you love green beauty brands and products? Dr. Hauschkas solution is perfect for you (or for your friends who are always very attentive the ingredients contained in beauty products).

Susanne Kaufmann Gold Advent Calendar

This golden Advent calendar holds some of Susanne Kaufmanns most loved products (10 bath products, 5 hair care products and 4 body oils) in mini versions, perfect for keeping you company throughout the Christmas holiday.

Have you chosen your favorite Calendar? Leave a comment and let us know what youve chosen!

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