Back to the Office: Every Beauty Product You Need to Extend the Beneficial Effects of Summer

by Team ATPB

Exercise, weekend tanning and anti-stress strategies: here is a little advice on how to extend the benefits gained during your vacation for as long as possible

Smooth, hydrated, glowing skin

During summer vacations, skin is exposed to a significant amount of stress thanks to a change in schedule and exposure to the sun. Once you get back from your summer holiday, you need to pamper your skin with a hydrating and energizing booster that will make your skin smoother, brighter and softer. We suggest using a mask a couple of times a week along with a soft, light-textured treatment product.

Recommended products: Lotus Facial Mask by Sephora e Ginzing Moisturizer by Origins.  The former replenishes skins moisture for long-lasting hydration and reduces signs of stress and fatigue, the latter energizes, hydrates and refreshes, restoring your skins glow thanks to two key ingredients: coffee beans and Ginseng Panax.

Healthy Hair
Sun and sea salt (or chlorine) are by no means our hairs allies. During the summer hair is easily stressed which causes it to become dry and full of split ends, which are both symptoms of unhealthy hair. You must repair damaged hair by hydrating the ends as much as possible. Choose specific products, for example, Argan oil which hydrates and protects and try coconut oil as well which nourishes hair leaving it soft. Finally, you can also try flax seed oil which provides an immediate restructuring effect. Use treatments at least once or twice weekly and in just three weeks youll see results.

Recommended products: Elisir by Diego dalla Palma, a mix of four certified organic oils boasting excellent healing and cosmetic virtues: Argan oil, Nyamplung oil, Pumpkin oil and Jojoba oil. It facilitates split end repair and counters dryness without weighing hair down. Youll see visible results from the very first applications.

Body Pampering
Even the skin on your body needs a boost of hydration to avoid that irritating dryness that causes itchiness and looks aesthetically unappealing. Also, by using oils or very rich hydrating creams that leave skin looking immediately brighter, you can also enhance your tan (for those who are fair-skinned).

Recommended products: want to moisturize skin and leave it smelling great? Choose Signorina Body Lotion by Salvatore Ferragamo, a luxurious cream that gently hydrates skin and leaves it smelling great thanks to Signorinas irresistible, sensual notes.

The Gym and Walking
If you want to keep fit just like you were in summer or if you want to shed a pound or two all you need to do is a little physical activity. Talk to a gym instructor to set up a specific, targeted workout routine. If you dont have much time or if you dont like going to the gym, all you have to do is go for a walk maintaining a fast pace for at least 45 minutes a day: with a specific diet you can maximize results in a very brief period of time.

The Right Scent
Its the same one you used while on vacation: why not choose it for the beginning of fall as well? It is the easiest way to preserve the lovely memories of your vacation.

Recommended product: Lancaster L’Eau Solaire Eau de Toilette which provides a sensation of wellbeing thanks to notes of Bergamot and Freesia which are perfectly balanced with Orange Blossom Flowers, Jasmine and Neroli before giving way to the warm, sensual fragrance of white musk.

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