Astrological Compatibility: It’s More Than Just Your Sun Sign

by Adama Sesay



In astrological compatibility, most look at the Sun signs between two people. Experienced astrology enthusiasts might look at Venus and Mars placements between two people, and some go down a much deeper black hole of synastry and compatibility aspects. 

The Sun signs of two different individuals can be a good indicator as to how their instinctive egos will react toward one another; however, that is mainly all that it will indicate. The Sun only represents one portion of who you are, and it is only one piece of a very complicated puzzle. 

Astrological compatibility is intricate and deep. The best way to look into how you and your partner will tick, and what your strengths and weaknesses are in a relationship together is to receive an in-depth synastry chart interpretation from an astrologer. A synastry or compatibility chart is a combination of two individual’s natal charts in alignment with one another. Some aspects in a synastry chart can be significant indicators of a karmic interaction and can indicate a relationship that is meant to teach you a valuable life lesson. Other aspects can be insignificant and point more toward our attitudes and convictions in other areas of life. 

The general rule is that squares (90 degrees or 3 signs apart) and oppositions (180 degrees or 6 signs apart) between planets can lead to conflict and struggles, while sextiles (60 degrees or 2 signs apart), and trines (120 degrees or 4 signs apart) lead to generally harmonious aspects. Conjunctions (0 degrees or same sign) could either be harmonious or polarizing depending on other factors of the synastry chart.

Here are the most crucial aspects to look for between two charts when considering compatibility and attraction between two people:


Planetary Placements

Sun and Moon Cross-synastry – The cross-synastry of the Sun and Moon between two people is vital. If a person has a very egotistical Sun placement with very little emotional density, it can have a challenging effect on a partner who has a moon in an empathetic position. How two individuals interact with each other in terms of their identity and ego (Sun) and their emotional response (Moon) is vital. If the Sun/Moon combination is a challenging one, it can be challenging to overcome most difficulties and see eye to eye. 

Moon Synastry- The Moon indicates our instinctual emotional responses and our capacity to process and feel our emotions. It also represents our comfort zone and how we were raised as children. Some of us are emotionally intuitive and in touch with our feelings, while others could not be too bothered with their inner emotional world and focus more on the external. How two people interact and relate with each other on an emotional level will be displayed through their Moon signs. Moon signs that are of the same element (a trine) are usually the most compatible. 

Venus and Mars Synastry- These two planets are indicative of the romantic connection and sexual chemistry between two people. A strong Venus and Mars combination usually makes for a romantic and passionate relationship. The initial physical attraction will be displayed here, as well as how long the romantic appeal will last. Without intense initial romance, as indicated by the Venus placements, and without strong physical attraction, as indicated by the Mars combinations, it can be challenging to keep the fire of passion burning. 

Venus Synastry – A divine goddess energy, this is the planet of our love style and what we are attracted to. Venus indicates how a person displays affection, as well as the type of partner and energy that attracts them. Harmonious aspects between two Venus placements are a powerful indicator for love and romance, and the feelings of affection and devotion are displayed through this aspect. The butterflies and sentiments of “belonging” and “this is meant to be” is usually shown by Venus placements. 

Mars Synastry- The fiery planet of passion, drive, and willpower. Mars represents sexual magnetism. This aspect represents what ignites the fire inside us, and what keeps that flame going. It represents our sexual nature and what we respond to positively or negatively in our sexual experiences and connections with others. What we find attractive physically is also indicated by Mars, and the methods you facilitate to pursue the person you are interested in and see as attractive will be displayed here. 

Uranus Synastry – In life, the unexpected always occurs. We all have sides to ourselves that others do not know of, and we might not even be aware of these sides! Uranus is an indicator of which unexpected situations or events might occur in the relationship, and what could shake things up and cause chaos and change. This also can indicate if this is a sudden and random encounter or a short yet life altering fling. Whether the couple will be able to facilitate and handle this change will be indicated by aspects with the Moon and Sun. 

Saturn Synastry – The ruler of our karma and also stability or longevity. This is also a major indicator of long-term stability or marriage. Any planet in aspect to your partner’s Saturn is an indicator of a karmic interaction, whether it is a positive or negative aspect. There will be a lesson that must be learned from each other, which can be determined by the planet that is in aspect with Saturn. 

Usually, the person whose Saturn is in aspect with the other person’s planet is the teacher in the relationship. Positive aspects between personal planets and Saturn indicate a stable and committed long- term relationship, as Saturn encourages dedication and perseverance. As the ruler of Capricorn and the planet responsible for time, things evolve slowly but steadily when aspected with Saturn; therefore there will be an abundance of patience, determination and a deep karmic soul connection in the relationship. 


House Placements

5th house – The house of the Sun and Leo, the 5th house represents romance, fun and pleasure. If your partner has many planets placed in your 5th house, especially the Sun, Venus and Moon, it will lead to a fascinating, fun-filled and romantic relationship. 

7th house – The house of marriage and partnership ruled by Venus and Libra. If your partner has certain planets in your 7th house, specifically Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn, then it could signify a significant and lasting marriage or partnership. 

8th house – The house of sexuality and intimacy ruled by Pluto, Mars and Scorpio. If your partner has their planets located in your 8th house, especially Mercury and Mars, it indicates there will be an intense sexual and physical attraction in the relationship. 



Asteroids are smaller planetary bodies, mainly accumulations of rock mass that fall into orbit around our Sun. The main difference between planets and asteroids is that asteroids do not have a core, whereas planets do. Although they are not as often considered as the more massive planets, they do play a vital role when deciphering the more intricate parts of your personality. Asteroids affect us just as much as the planets do, and their influence in a natal chart is increasing in popularity.  

Juno – An asteroid that represents your marriage partner. Juno will describe the kind of person you will form a commitment or marriage with, and what the capacity of the relationship will be. Juno’s energy can be compared to a mixture of Venus and the moon. It represents your ability to be involved in and adjust to a partnership. In synastry, when a person’s Moon or Venus is in harmonious aspect to another person’s Juno, it indicates a powerful bond. 

Eros and Psyche – Eros will represent what physically triggers and attracts you, and has similar energy as Mars. Eros in positive aspect to your partner’s Mars or Sun creates an intense physical bond. Psyche will represent what emotionally and spiritually invites you, almost like Venus. Psyche in a strong connection with your partner’s Venus and Saturn indicates a relationship that is built to last. 


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