Here Are Your Cosmic Mantras for Aquarius Season 2021

by Adama Sesay

Welcome to Aquarius season, Pretty Birds! Aquarius is a fixed air sign whose symbol is the water-bearer, representing enlightenment, knowledge, and the collective advancement of humanity. This particular Aquarius season is unique as there is a major stellium triggering the pivotal Jupiter/Saturn conjunction we experienced on December 21st. Black history month also falls during Aquarius season, and the goals of the civil rights movement become more top of mind specifically in America. The rights of the collective on an international level will also resurface, with people wanting to make their voices heard.


A stellium occurs in Astrology when there are three or more planets within a sign, in this case we are experiencing the sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter. When an alignment like this occurs, it signals that there will be a heightened potency and a concentration on Aquarian values and ideals due to a total of five planets in the sign of Aquarius. This is a rare configuration and the last time an Aquarius stellium of this caliber occurred, it was back in 1964 when the energy was ripe for the voices of social justice and change. 


Mercury retrograde is also occurring in Aquarius this month until February 20th, encouraging the collective to rethink how the current system has been set up, and identify ways to change it. In our own individual lives, this is encouraging us to think differently. Where have you felt stagnant? The universe is asking you to shake things up and fall into alignment with your higher self. Aquarius also represents your hopes, dreams, and wishes for the future. How can you guide yourself there?


February 2021 Monthly Mantras


Coming into what’s known as alignment is essentially being exactly who you are and establishing what resonates with you on a deep level. This can feel challenging as we have judgment and limitation at times from the external world. The key is to understand that the power to transform your life and drive your future vision comes from within. Words are spells, and if you choose empowering ones you can conquer anything! Craft your reality with them this month through daily affirmations.


Incorporate your sun, moon, and rising sign mantras below into your daily affirmation ritual:


Aries: My vision for the future is bright. I have everything I need in this moment to bring my vision to reality.
Taurus: I am a unique and talented individual. My life path is aligning to match who I truly am. 
Gemini: My words are incredibly powerful. I can affect change on a collective level just by sharing my truth and beliefs.
Cancer: I am a powerful and magnetic being. My financial foundation is sturdy and I am able to build.
Leo: I align myself with healthy and beneficial working relationships. I only allow alliances that help me grow not limit my potential.
Virgo: My health and well-being come first. I feed my spirit first and take care of my daily tasks later.
Libra: My creativity is sacred. I freely express myself and allow my light to brightly shine. 
Scorpio: My home is transforming into a place of comfort and solace. I only live with those that bring peace and honor my value.
Sagittarius: I communicate my values and what aligns with me in my day to day life. I allow others to speak their truth but I also don’t allow them to limit mine.
Capricorn: I honor my worth and understand the value of my work. Through honoring myself, others recognize and see my worth too.
Aquarius: I am the most innovative and forward thinking visionary. The ideas I develop will help elevate and shift the collective consciousness.
Pisces: My imagination is my greatest secret weapon. My private hopes, dreams, and wishes for my future are manifesting into my reality.


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