Approaching 2021: Going with the Flow

by Chloe' Flowers

Naturally the new year brings an urge to set new goals and achievements. The fresh start encourages us to unbuckle some bad habits we may have formed. While we are preparing for the shift I think it is important to realize how much different this new year is. When creating your resolutions, remember that you are still unpacking a very heavy year. Existing beyond a pandemic requires gentle care. All of 2020 we changed, shifted, and morphed into whoever we needed to be to survive. The entire year was a resolution in and of itself. I want to share my perspective on how to go with the flow and release having so many expectations with a new year in unpredictable times. I want you to know that there is still power in rest, solitude, and gratitude. The coming year should be more focused on caring for ourselves as we continue to live alongside a pandemic and growing with the many changes we’ve already made in the last twelve months.


Celebrate Small Wins


Most resolutions are made because we  become too comfortable and fall off of our personal or professional game. 2020 didn’t allow much room for comfort or complacency. With regulations and community expectations constantly changing, we’ve been on our toes. Keeping our heads above water financially, while also trying to remain emotionally stable forced some of us to expand beyond our limits. Allow yourself to celebrate victories big and small, because they all count. Whenever you do something positive that gets you closer to your ultimate goal – you should be celebrating! If your goal is to lose 40 pounds, you should be celebrating when you lose the first five. If you get a promotion at work, you should treat yourself with something you’ve been wanting. If you’ve reached an anniversary milestone with your significant other – that too should be celebrated.

Let’s stop acting like big things are small things. It takes a lot of courage to go after what you want knowing you could fail. Having the awareness to take actionable steps to eventually reach your highest self deserves to be acknowledged. Not only should you celebrate your own small wins, but acknowledge the success of others and spread love like wildfires. Celebrating small wins creates momentum and the drive to continue. Celebrations are due throughout the process as constant reminders of why you set the goal in the first place. Create the motivation for yourself, and you just might inspire someone else to do the same. 


Give People Their Flowers Now


If we haven’t learned anything else from the past year, we learned to hold our loved ones close. Unfortunately, we’ve been side by side with loss and triumph the past several months. People have lost family, friends, jobs, and opportunities. Quality time with others has been snatched from underneath us. Hugging, socializing and normality are all up for debate in a time where we need our family the most. Fear has penetrated society and stripped us of regular connection. Now is the time to let people know how you feel about them. Now is the time to apologize. Now is the time to make things right. Now is the time to let someone know that they inspire you. Let’s stop letting people leave the physical earth without them knowing exactly what they mean to us. Time is sensitive, and we have learned that in a vicious way. Make people feel good while you can, because one day you will no longer have the opportunity. Most of the time, the day it’s too late comes faster than we could ever imagine. 


Release Expectations


Life as we knew it is gone. We thought we had so much control over our travel, our finances, and our futures. Now we know what it is like to experience a shut down. We know what it’s like to abruptly lose all of our freedom of movement. We know what it’s like to cancel major plans and stay in one place whether we like it or not. Many of us have struggled with learning how to relinquish control in such a small amount of time. A graceful approach to 2021 would be to let go and release expectations of the year. None of us foresaw a virus attacking and fogging up so much of our time. Let’s use the new superpower we have of going with the flow and accepting unpredictable shifts. This will allow us to leave many doors open and welcome fresh experiences into our lives. 


While the past year was challenging, it also built us stronger, wiser and more efficient. Understand that you don’t have to create a directive file of things to accomplish this year. You can continue to use the tools that life has naturally forced you to use and see what comes of it. My only resolution for the coming year is to calm down. Even when things feel chaotic, they always end up okay. I find solace in accepting that everything won’t always go as planned, but at least I have the tools to make the best of it. Decide what super power 2020 has given you and  vow to utilize that more in the year to come. 


Image by: PaloSantoStudios 

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