Anxiety In Post Pandemic World

by Chloe' Flowers

Post Pandemic Anxiety

The burden that is anxiety exists in all of our lives, at some capacity. With anxiety comes a vast spectrum. It can look like a small, but existing feeling of doubt. A constant drum you can’t get rid of. Or – it can look like heavy procrastination and overanalyzing scenarios. Either way, it stifles the human psyche. The discussion around anxiety is more prevalent now than ever. Anxiety is something we should consider in our new lives in the post pandemic world. If you feel anxious about entering the unknown of our new normal, your feelings are valid. Our perspectives and survival techniques have been rearranged since the pandemic. Life is precious and that’s a lesson we all learned this past year. How are you showing up for yourself with the reopening of the world?

What Is Your Inner Self Saying?

When you are getting dressed for the day, what thoughts are you having about being outside? How often are you thinking about getting sick or feeling weary when outside your home? Do you consciously or subconsciously judge others about their thoughts on the vaccine? These are some check in questions you should ask yourself about. Try to understand where you are on the emotional map of pandemic survivors. I call us survivors because we are still here. Many underestimate the emotional and mental toll this has taken on us as a society. We are not only processing the illness alone, but the aftermath and all that was lost.

Ways To Cope With Social Distancing Anxiety

Guilt from moving on from the pandemic may creep. This is a part of our experience, and some feel the obligation to stay in this present moment to fix it. This is all beyond your control. You deserve to laugh and talk and feel as deep as you can. Try to contemplate the idea that the pandemic was devastating, but it offers a reset to the entire world. Pressing pause in such a high volume, allowed the universe to shift and reshape our futures. It offered a new way of thinking and character growth for people who may have never changed. In a climate that promotes temporary, quick and inauthentic success – we as a people need change. We all have different theories and beliefs, but the truth is that we have all been affected regardless of our position. Here are some ways to cope with anxiety – especially in regard to socialization and social distancing.

  • Continue to carry and wear your mask as protection until you feel comfortable. There is  no shame in preventative self care.
  • Have conversations about more than just current world affairs and loss.
  • Allow space between yourself and others when out and about. Some regulations should stay the same. Everyone deserves their personal space.
  • Accept that you deserve to be outside enjoying your life. You only get one.
  • Express your fears surrounding the pandemic instead of pushing them down.
  • Understand that fear is simply an unpleasant emotion (something you are experiencing – not who you are.
  • Honor your own belief system about the pandemic.

Allowing Grace To Others

We all have differing opinions about politics, the pandemic and anything else that involves how we operate as human beings. Understand that people may feel different than you, but still deserve respect. Do not let things out of our control tear you away from your loved ones. We all have different perspectives. What we have gone through as individuals, shapes our outlooks on life. Remember that when you disagree with someone’s ideals, that you are not them. You don’t know what they’ve been through or how it feels to be them. Interacting about triggering concepts that we are passionate about can lead to destruction if we aren’t careful. Hold those precious to you near at this time. Offer grace and patience to others. This reminds me of the quote by Ram Dass  that says, “We’re all just walking eachother home.”

Image by: @thestyleguise

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