Andy Kate for Tru Trussardi

by Tamu McPherson

Hey There Pretty Birds,

How were your weekends? I hope fabulous and fun! Here are the images that I shot of Andy Kate while filming our video for Tru Trusardi as well as the ATPB questionnaire. Have a look and see if you recognize any of her favorite spots in Milano, as well as others that we weren’t able to feature in the video. AND please enjoy getting to know her. xoxo, Tamu

Name: Andrea Kate Ferrario

Occupation:  Student

Passion: Fashion, literature, travel.

Hometown: Milan

Current Town: Milan

Favourite Cities: London, Bristol (I’m a UK worshiper).

Favourite place to shop in those cities: It’s hard to pick only one. Princess May Carboot Sale and Beyond Retro in East London to mention a few… And BS8 and Motel on Park Street in Bristol.

Favourite place to dine in those cities: I haven’t got a favourite one in London. There’s too many actually! The Burger Joint and The Birdcage in Bristol.

Favourite Breakfast: A cup of English Breakfast/black tea, blueberry smoothie and toasted bread with butter and jam.

Food: Eggs benedict with bacon and cherries.

Favourite Breakfast spot: Taglio in Via Vigevano.

What’s your beauty routine: I wash my face with cold water and soap.

Skin: Bare.

Where do you cut your hair: At Gum Salon.

Where do you shop in Milan: Bivio Milano, Memory Lane, Memem, Cavalli e Nastri, Tug Store.

Describe your style: It’s a sort of preppy style with a strong retro approach.

In addition to Tru Trussardi, what are your favourite brands: American Apparel, Tommy Hilfiger, Max Mara.

Any style rules: Style is a matter of confidence. Always wear something which suits your current mood and feelings.

What do you do before you go to bed: Read a few pages of the book I’m reading at the moment.

If you haven’t seen the video, you can watch it here!

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