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Aloha, I Am Addicted to Hawaiian Shirts

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Roki Prunali | Friday June 15th 2018

Hawaii has been an inextricable part of me for as long as I can remember; the pukka shells that lived around my neck in high school, the guy I dated in college, and last but not least, being mistaken for Hawaiian nearly daily. Those magical islands are near to my heart, and one day, if I play my retirement cards right, I might even have the chance to play the part of a true local.

In preparation for said retirement, replete with sipping piña coladas in a hammock on a secluded beach, I naturally find myself adopting this season’s cheeky Hawaiian shirt look. My desert island dreams may be distant now, but at least I can visualize it every time I get dressed. And let me tell you, I have quite a few mental escape options in my closet.

Addicted to Hawaiian Shirts


Addicted to Hawaiian Shirts

Prada Hawaiian Shirt, Acne Studios Leather Skirt, and Dorateymur Loafers

The Sleeveless Option

This may be the path less traveled in Hawaiian Shirt World, but a sleeveless option still catches the vibe. Prada definitely killed it with their men’s offering this season, but Miuccia couldn’t leave her girlfriends hanging. She kept it simple with a little Hawaiian flair, but made sure I can still breathe on these humid Milanese days. Flowers and studs… yes, please.


Addicted to Hawaiian Shirts


Addicted to Hawaiian Shirts

Levi’s Hawaiian Shirt, Raey Leopard Skirt, Gucci Belt,

Mix Match Crazy

I, Pretty Birds, am not afraid of color. Point of fact, finding a simple neutral in my closet can actual be quite an undertaking. Though your Hawaiian shirt might already be a little out there with its crazy print, sometimes mix-matching prints is the subtle cheek you’ll need to take the touristy feel down just a notch. As the base colors coordinate, you are good to go. Tamu likes to tell me that I am very specific with my matching, but I actually have no rules. Anything goes in my book: the more unpaired a look feels, the better.

This Levi’s option may not be the most traditional option, but the color pattern and the cosmic pattern had me at hello.


Addicted to Hawaiian Shirts


Addicted to Hawaiian Shirts

Double Rainbouu Hawaiian Shirt, Acne Studios Jeans, Brixton Hat

Jeans are Never a Bad Idea

I haven’t quite been able to jump on the Dad Shoe Bandwagon yet, but this dad look is one I can immediately get behind. Half of my closet already comes from the men’s aisle. I am notorious for cruising the men’s stores, and also stealing pieces from my husband’s wardrobe, and  honestly, I may give him a little push while shopping toward things I plan to pilfer later. What can I say? I am sharer.

True story about this Double Rainbouu shirt: I was shopping for my husband at the new Fred Segal on Sunset Boulevard after perusing the women’s then kid’s section with no luck. Ok, if you want the honest truth my son already owns everything in the kid’s section because of my weakness for a certain Fred Segal x Eggy collaboration that we can talk about at another time.  Anyways, after striking out for my husband, I came across their selection of Hawaiian Shirts by Double Rainbouu. 

Pairing it with jeans was the first logical thing to do. My husband makes denim, so it is the one item that I am allowed to splurge on (not to mention the pieces he comes back with after his work trips), and my denim options are always plenty. So, jeans are the majority of my go-to pairings, which is brilliant luck because they are the perfect solution to balance a statement top.


Addicted to Hawaiian Shirts


Addicted to Hawaiian Shirts


Addicted to Hawaiian Shirts

Zara Hawaiian Shirt and Acne Studios High Waisted Striped Pants

Tie It

Since most of my Hawaiian shirt purchases are from the men’s aisle, sizing can get a bit tricky. Even though the look is normally large-and-in-charge with these oversize shirts, sometimes we need some nips and tucks for them to fit the way we like. When I saw this one by Zara (in the men’s section), I knew I had to have it – so cute, with that zero-guilt Zara price tag. The only problem was they were compeltely out of size small… and instead of doing the sensible thing and leaving the store, I caved and got a medium. I am what you would call an impulse buyer that does not try on in store and never returns – a retailer’s dream client. Back on topic (we will deal with my shopping problems another day), most of my Hawaiian shirts being men’s, tucking can become quite repetitive. But with a cute pair of high-waisted pants, tying your shirt adds the perfect girly touch to your oversize top.


Pictures by Tamu McPherson

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