Alessia Giacobino

by Tamu McPherson

Hey there Pretty Birds,

We’re heading to NY tomorrow for NYFW, and given the imminent snow storm about to hit the city, we thought that it was the perfect time to profile Alessia Giacobino, founder of the parka line, Mr and Mrs Fur. From the moment this ultra luxe parka was created, it’s been a major object of desire. I clearly remember the day I purchased mine. I had been deliberating the purchase for a week before I made the jump (it has a hefty price tag). What convinced me? At the time I spent about five hours a day outside shooting street style and desperately needed a chic and practical way to stay warm. Four-and-a-half years later and countless hours on the street, I consider it one of the best fashion investments ever made. And it’s all to the credit of the lovely fashion power house Alessia Giacobino (she is also the founder and owner of Jo No Fui). Join me in finding out what inspired her to create this ultimate parka.

When did you start your line Mr. and Mrs. Fur?  In 2009.

How did you come up with the idea? My husband and I were preparing for a vacation in Cortina, and we felt the need for a dashing, yet warm piece of outerwear. I thought of lining a vintage U.S. army parka that I had bought years before at a NY flee market with mink fur. The jacket was so cool that Alessandro, my husband, asked me to make one for him too. I found another vintage jacket on the internet and lined it with fox for him.

Did you think that it would become so popular? In Cortina people kept stopping us asking to ask where we bought the Parkas. So once back at home, we decided to develop the concept of a fur lined vintage army parka into a brand: Mr & Mrs Furs was born…. My husband and I are Mr&Mrs Furs!

Why do you think the parka/army jacket has become such an iconic part of today’s wardrobe? It’s timeless, versatile and effortless. You can wear it up or down; it’s just perfect casual luxury.

You’ve evolved the range to include many styles including models with contrasting leather arms, patchwork appliqué, and graphic writing. Where do you draw your inspiration? Mainly by going around flee and vintage markets looking for odd pieces and watching people in the street.

I’ve seen a lot of stylish women wearing the parkas, is there anyone in particular that you would like to see in one? Carine Roitfeld, she would wear it with that French sexy touch all women dream to have.



Name: Alessia Giacobino

Occupation: Creative Director

Passion: Vintage clothes and furniture

Hometown: Rimini

Current Towns: Rimini and Milan

Favorite Cities: Paris, New York and Punta del Este Favorite shops in those cities: Paris: Marché aux Puces – Porte de Clignancourt NY: New York Vintage and Barneys Punta del Este: Nowhere! That’s why I love going there, nowhere to shop, just the sun and the sea.

Favorite restaurants in those cities: Paris: Caviar Kaspia for the fashion crowd. NY: ABC Kitchen for the delicious menu and cool atmosphere. Punta del Este: La Huella for the sound of the waves as background music.

Your style? I try to be elegant with a rock / bohemian twist Favorite brands? I love Chanel accessories, admire Céline for the quality of their materials and think young Italian newcomers are very talented. Personal closet staples? My Hermès bags, my leather leggings and my vintage sweatshirts collection. What should every woman have in her closet? A pair of jeans, a feminine black dress, a white silk shirt, and a Mr&Mrs Furs parka jacket!

You have a daughter, how old is she? 8-years-old. Does she like fashion? She’s crazy about fashion! We love going shopping together, it’s real fun. What does your daughter think about your work? She sometimes complains that it takes me away too often but I think she is proud of me. How has a becoming a mother influenced your style? Before I had Allegra I was more let’s say daring with fashion, today as I am taking her to school, ballet class, etc I have to have a more appropriate mother’s look!

How do you start your day? I go running for about an hour with my personal trainer Favorite Breakfast? A glass of hot water with lemon, Fennel tea, homemade whole grain bread and jam. Favorite Breakfast spot? when I am in Rimini, home. In Milan Californian Bakery in viale Piave.

Beauty routine? look after myself a lot and use high quality products, I have a weekly facial and wear natural makeup. Skin: I have used Crême de la Mer for the last 12 years, today I am trying Sisley. Hair: I have an easy hair style and have been going to the same hairdresser in Rimini since I was a teenager. Nails and other personal grooming: I have a personal beautician who comes at home every week. When I travel I love going to the Bliss Spas.

What do you do before you go to bed? I put Allegra to bed, and either read a story to her or we watch a film together until she falls asleep.

Photography by Hugh Findletar

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