Acne: How To Fight It

by Tamu McPherson
Acteen Bionike Gel detergente purificante
Gel detergente profondo ACN Diego Dalla Palma
Maschera Scrub di Green Energy Organics
SVR Sebiaclear Gel Moussant
Acteen Hydramat Crema sebo-normalizzante di Bionike
Tricneal Experte Soin Avene di Avène
Crema anti età opacizzante 24 ore di Diego Dalla Palma
Gel Aloe 99,9% Planter’s
SVR Sebiaclear Mat+Pores
SVR Lysalpha Creme Active
Tabiano Viso Trattamento Urto Per Acne

Acne: How to fight it

By Michela Marra

Hello Pretty Birds,

did you know that 10% of the population have acne problems?  The bad news is that in summer those who have suffer from acne notice an increase in blemishes.  What is this caused by?  Using lotions and creams which can cause an excess production of sebum and blocked pores.  Choosing delicate solutions in terms of cleansing products and moisturizers that are specific to your skin type becomes important.  Here is our selection:

Acteen Bionike Gel purifying cleanser is a foaming gel that requires rinsing.  Thanks to its granular consistency and the presence of non-aggressive surfactants, it allows for a deep cleaning of the skin without irritating it.

Deep Cleansing Gel ACN by Diego Dalla Palma targets oily, shiny, acne-prone skin and cleanses it efficiently and delicately.  Its ACN purifying complex contrasts microbial proliferation and prevents the formation of blackheads and spots.

Scrub Mask by Green Energy Organics is an intensive organic treatment that purifies skin subject to comedones and inflammation.  It has a  green clay base combined with extracts from plants such as Gentiana (to detoxify), Greater Burdock (to rebalance skin), Violette and Lavender (both soothing), Rosemary (purifying), as well as Sesame, Shea, and Almond (deep moisturizing).

SVR Sebiaclear Gel Moussant has a velvety foam that purifies without drying out the skin.  It unclogs pores, eliminates impurities and normalizes excess sebum.  It has two active ingredients: 14% Gluconolactone, which functions as an anti-inflammatory and 4% Nicotinamide, which fights bacteria and balances sebum.

Acteen Hydramat Sebum Normalizing Cream by Bionike has an ultra fresh, light formula.  Thanks to its special microporous texture which includes moisturizing and sebum-regulating active ingredients, it absorbs the excess sebum and effectively regulates its level, thereby purifying skin and countering the typical shiny-skin effect of oily skin.

Tricneal Experte Soin by Avène reduces imperfections on adult skin and diminishes residual spots and signs caused by acne, preserving the skin’s glow and youthful appearance.

24hr Anti-age Mattifying Cream by Diego Dalla Palma is the ideal treatment to counter wrinkles as well as skin spots, enlarged pores and irregular skin tone.  It contains special sebum-absorbent powders which create a matt effect and a long-lasting sense of pureness and well-being.

Planters 99,9% Aloe Gel is formulated with pure, cold-pressed aloe vera juice.  It’s properties make it particularly recommended for delicate, sensitive skin.

SVR Sebiaclear Mat+Pores is a mattifying treatment that lasts 8 hours.  It contains salicylic acid which performs a delicate peeling action and tightens pores.  It is also an excellent makeup primer.

SVR Lysalpha Creme Active facilitates the elimination of blemishes and blackheads and is enriched with hydrating glycerin.

Tabiano Viso Trattamento Urto Per Acne is formulated with a rebalancing synergetic complex which is also sebum-balancing.  It also contains Sulfozin, Bisabolol which has soothing properties and Phytic acid which is extracted from rice and has a protective, antioxidant effect.  It fights pimples and boils and normalizes irritated skin.

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