A Raw Vegan Experience

by Kristi Veliaj

Courtesy of @RawVeganBlonde

A Raw Vegan Experience By Kristi Veliaj 

Since man has inhabited the earth, his diet has changed drastically. During the course of time, especially over the last twenty years, we have been bombarded with new trends in nutrition and various types of extreme diet choices. Today, we would like to concentrate on the diet choice known as Raw Vegan. The Raw Vegan philosophy calls for (at least) 80% of food consumption to be raw, opting for vegetable food sources as opposed to animal ones. A complex diet which has many followers or aficionados who believe the intake of cooked foods brings toxins and poisons into our bodies. According to Raw Foodists, cooking foods produces toxins and causes foods to lose their main nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.  The raw vegan diet is often defined as “therapeutic” and is able to eliminate discomfort and minor illnesses, illnesses for which the actual cure is found in the main, uncontaminated foods that make up this diet. Unsurprisingly, there are various schools of thought, both for and against, regarding the diet.    

Many praise the raw vegan regime and are ready to support their ‘team,’ drawing boastful comparisons between man and the animal kingdom. Others are opposed to this type of diet and believe it deprives the body of fats and proteins that are necessary in order to balance our body’s energy needs. My personal opinion of the raw vegan diet is positive and full of benefits, but I am in no position to give you advice, or sway you towards this path, Pretty Birds. I mentioned two schools of thought precisely because I feel I don’t belong to either; I find both very extreme in their approach.

There are both pros and cons as far as this diet choice is concerned.

I tested the raw vegan diet for 15 days and discovered the benefits it had on my body as I was able to see changes is such a short time and I could see how my body reacted to this diet. I immediately noticed that the conditions of my skin and hair were significantly better.  My skin was clear and my hair shiny, almost radiant.  I had a lot of energy in the first part of the day and I was more hydrated than I’d ever been before.  I really missed coffee as part of my routine, and to be honest, I danced around my coffee pot as a cat seeking attention would, but eliminating caffeine allows you to tap into the energy stored in your body.  Hence, 10 points for this raw vegan diet, the taste of food improves after the first week since elaborate foods are cut out and you are given a brand new palate.  Never take the taste of a cherry for granted. On the other hand, the flip side meant: weakness due to the low intake of proteins and fats, insatiable hunger (I was able to eat 2 pineapples and 3 mangos for dinner) and finally, a charming intestinal problem (Detox, literally!). I don’t deny that my DIY-raw-diet was poorly balanced and totally amateur, but I am curious and can’t resist the charm of new diet trends.  It is precisely for this reason that I wanted to share my experience with you, even because after having tasted two delicious dishes in a little restaurant here in Milan called Mantra Raw Vegan,  I discovered perfectly balanced, fresh flavours that reminded what I like about this diet.I recommend that everyone have a raw vegan experience, without exaggerating of course, because everyone’s personal experiences will be different and that way you won’t have to succumb to the pleas of either supporters or opposers.

I would really love to hear what you think of this and always remember to share your experiences with us!

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