A list of current obsessions by Natasha Goldenberg

by Tamu McPherson

In addition to my own current obsessions, I will be featuring the absolute must-haves of friends who inspire me. My first guest Natasha Goldenberg is very special to me because the number seven is also her favorite. She even has the digit tattoed on her left foot. To find out why and to see what she’s currently obsessing about…

Text by Natasha: I decided that seven was my favorite number when I was a kid. It was just my imagination, nothing special at all. No birthday, no important date. I remember trying hard to find a real connection with seven, but I always failed. Until I suddenly met the love of my life on the 17th. We started to date on the 7th. His birthday is also on the 7th. Can you imagine my joy when I found out that I was pregnant and that my due date was the 7th? And when the due date came around, nothing happened… And I was sad, like the date became more important than the baby. My only chance was to wait until the 17th. And when I go into labor on the 17th, I ask my doctor every hour to make sure I deliver before midnight. He had shabbat dinner that night, so he replied, “you will have the baby today because I have no time to stay here until midnight.” And sure enough, my little love was born at 7pm. And now I have even more reason to love the number seven.

Natasha’s List:

1. Prada turbans, www.prada.com
2. Stella McCartney leopard print jacket, www.net-a-porter.com
3. Gianvito Rossi pumps, www.net-a-porter.com
4. Miu Miu fur stoles, www.miumiu.com
5. Valentino studded miniaudière, www.mytheresa.com
6. Balenciaga Headband, Antonia, Via Ponte Vetero 1, Milan
7. Dries Van Noten plaid shirts, www.driesvannoten.be

See the gallery for SOME of my favorite pictures of Natasha.

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