A Budget-Friendly Gift Guide for the 5 Love Languages

by Alyx Carolus

2020 has been an unpredictable year and thankfully, we’re nearing the end of it all and welcoming the holiday season. In welcoming this season of cheer, the spirit of giving often comes with its challenges. Figuring out what to give your loved ones never fails to bolster the weeks leading up to the holidays! Moreover, facing a year with record unemployment, people are surely feeling the pinch with less funds to go around. Many of us are unable to see our loved ones inspiring all the more desire to make our love felt from afar. In navigating these unprecedented times, we want to offer some solutions mindful of all the realities that 2020 has unearthed. If you’re trying to find innovative ways to spread compassion and good energy during a pandemic – why not try gifting ideas that correlate to their love language? Keep reading for our budget-friendly gift guide for love languages.


A Guide to the 5 Love Languages 


Recently, I wrote about the five love languages and how important it can be to know yours, your partners and those of the people you care about. Some people find the questionnaire and process inaccurate but I think it provides a base guide to showing love to the people you have in your life. You may find yourself to be a combination of all five or just resonate deeply with one of the languages. Actress and Youtuber Asia Jackson shared how to gift without spending any money and it resonated with me. 2020 has stripped everything down to what’s truly important, not just how much we spend. Don’t know your love language? Take the official quiz and find out!

So in the festive spirit – here’s how to give gifts according to a love language (whether you have money or not!)


Words of Affirmation

Sharing words can be such a wonderful thing and this love language is focused on just that. You can write a heartfelt letter to a loved one, buy them a notebook and share a thoughtful intention in the front. Alternatively, you can get your letter framed and add another piece of artwork to their home. If you have a bigger budget, you can get them some engraved personalized jewelry and add their name or a poem/lyric they love. 


Physical Touch

In a world dealing with a pandemic, physical touch is a little bit harder to express. If you’re looking for an affordable option, you can offer a massage or do an at-home facial with a loved one. Wear a mask, sanitize and if you both can – get tested beforehand. If you’re not good at either of those things, you can buy them a voucher at a COVID-19 protocol adhering  spa or share what DIY beauty products and routines they can do at home. You could also purchase all the items they’ll need to have a massage session at home, from decadent massage oils to fancy candles so they can set the mood. Lastly, why not try a weighted blanket or handheld massager? Since we’re trying to stay safe and curb the spread, get something that’ll do the job when people can’t. If you are in need of inspiration for potential tools, visit our contributor Roki’s article on skincare tools.


Gift Giving 

Who doesn’t love a thoughtful gift? Gift giving as a love language doesn’t just focus on the monetary value of a gift but the intention behind it. I love spending time thinking about what would be the perfect gift for a friend. People talk about what they love or have their eye on often. This might mean buying jewelry they’ve admired for a while or a basket full of goodies from a body-care brand they love. If your friend or loved one is into spiritual and esoteric, Roki compiled a list of the perfect spiritual self-care gifts to share with others. 



Quality Time 

If anything, 2020 has taught us the value of quality time with the people we care about. Right now, we’re not able to spend time with people in person, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get creative. Why not create a basket of picnic goodies for the aspiring foodie in your life. You can have a virtual gathering in different parts of the world (just pick a park and go!). Have you heard about We’re Not Really Strangers or The And? Both are card games that can help you spend time and deepen your relationship with a partner or loved one. 

Acts of Service

Now, this is my top love language, in fact, it’s probably the only one I pay attention to. It’s so important to me that my loved ones make my life easier. It feels better than a hug! Some ideas for acts of service: make them their favorite dessert or meal. Pay for a cleaner to come spruce up their home or a deep clean at a car washing service. If you can’t afford to do that right now, why not offer to do it yourself?  

Alternatively, you can pay for their groceries for the week with a gift card. Finally, you could pay for their clothes to be dry cleaned, tailored or their shoes to be fixed. The main aim is to be thoughtful, participate in their lives and  take care of the mundane tasks they don’t want to do themselves. 


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