New Year, New You: 8 Celebrity Hairstyle to Copy This New Year’s Eve

by Team ATPB

Across the world on one particular night of the year, there are a few things of which I can be certain:

1) There will be no available taxis, anywhere,

2) No matter what my relationship status, at the tail end of 11:59pm I will experience fleeting panic over finding someone to kiss in the next few seconds, and

3) After hours selecting the right makeup/dancing shoes/party dress combo, I will have given zero thought to how I have styled my hair.

This year, Pretty Birds, I am coming prepared. I am an avid hair experimenter all 364 other days of the year – I have been known, over the course of a few months, to go from platinum to pink to blue and then turquoise – and it is perhaps for this reason that I run into issues when I need to create a truly special coiffure for just one night. When I am living my best hair life the rest of the year, it can be hard to dial even further up once every 12 months!

So, I did some prep work: in the form of obsessive celebrity research. I’ve chosen some of my favorite celebrity hair moments as inspiration to find my New Year’s Eve Muse, and in case you, too, are experiencing undue anxiety (over what is clearly a key element to securing a happy and successful 2018), I share with you my findings:

Ciara’s volume hair

It seems as though the American singer-actress is just like us, and gets nervous experimenting with any new hairstyle: “I was a bit worried about the volume,” she said, “but once I saw the final texture, I immediately loved it and asked to add even more volume!” Her hairstylist, César Ramitez, immediately granted her wish by gathering her hair in a high ponytail and adding extensions. A+ results!

Ayanda Thabethe’s super chignon

Ayanda Thabethe is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women on earth. A model, an actress, and a businesswoman, she knows how not to go unnoticed. If you have full, thick hair, why not try to replicate her look?

Gigi Hadid’s sleek hair

Gigi is the undisputed queen of the catwalk, even more so than of the red carpets. During one of the many shows she’s walked, she wore her hair slicked back, very neat and with a sleek finish. Grab some extra strong gel and try this hairstyle: it’s perfect on both long and mid-length hair.

Go blondie like Selena Gomez

What if you changed your hair color for the end of the year? It could be the catchiest solution! If you want to be daring, do as Selena Gomez did; she dyed her hair platinum blonde, and with super glam results! We are fans of this color. How about you?

Drew Barrymore’s boho chic style

You still have time to book a hair appointment with your hairdresser for ombre hair, a style first made popular by Drew Barrymore when this technique was not considered as cool. To enhance the effect, there’s nothing better than a loose, side fishtail braid. This style does not require a lot of work and you can recreate it on your own without any help by an expert.

Hailee Steinfeld’s sculpted twists

Her double knot is truly original. Styling is essential for this type of hairdo: hair wax and spray are your best allies! Be prepared for some major shampooing on New Year’s Day.

Kate Middleton’s low chignon

Let your Inner Princess shine through on New Year’s Eve. We love low chignons, around the nape of your neck like the one worn by Kate. Stylish, minimal and flattering for your features. What else?

Zoe Saldana’s crown braid

A sophisticated style, the crown braid is very elegant and offers the advantage of long-wear… perfect for partying into the wee hours of the night!

and last but always most:

The very long hair of Beyoncé

Beyoncé, the indisputable queen of transformation, brought the most epic, voluminous low pony that our humble eyes have ever experienced to her friend Serena Williams’ wedding last month. If replicating this look, be sure to take a few breaks through the night to fluff and primp – but I promise you, the maintenance will be well worth the price.

Credit ph: Refinery29, MTV, Pinterest, Getty Images

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