8 Heavenly Travel-Inspired Summer Scents

by Team ATPB

summer scent inspiration


Team ATPB rounds up their favorite summer scents, sharing moments from Venice Beach to Tokyo. Our travel-inspired summer fragrances are cherished not only for their unique notes, but the memories we associate with them. What are your favorite summer perfumes, Pretty Birds?


summer scent inspiration


With the tides of life come unforgettable memories, that’s what Gucci’s new fragrance Mémoire aims to do with scent. Often these memories are accompanied by familiar scents that awaken the senses when they are revisited by the mind.
Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Fresh sea air and salt water: The Port Antonio, Jamaica seaside where my grandparents were born.
  2. Vast green pastures: A picture of the moon that I captured while traveling with my friend Saidah in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 
  3. The familiar and comforting scent of a loved one. Some of my favorite photos of my mother, our dear Gaston, and #PJRules. Gaston and my mom have been friends since high school. 
  4. A glimpse of the cover of Daniele Tamagni’s book “Gentlemen of Bacongo”. Daniele taught me a beautifully profound lesson about universal humility. 
  5. Beautiful French gardens with fresh blooms: A picture of me in an incredible Gucci dress in Arles, where the 2019 Cruise Show took place.
  6. Crisp fabrics and the scent of swagger: Mom and Auntie at the Dapper Dan Atelier in Harlem. We were celebrating an early Mother’s Day and stopped by for a visit.




summer scent inspiration


One of my all time favourite summer scents has to be Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pure. It smells so fresh with hints of neroli that really just stays on your skin in the heat. One of my signature scents, I can’t live without a bottle!



summer scent inspiration


Every summer I go back to Narciso Rodriguez For Her.  I’ve been wearing it for years, but for some reason, it seems to wear so much better during the warmer months. As with most of Rodriguez’s fragrances, this one starts with musk, specifically Egyptian musk. With soft notes of amber and patchouli, I love how it melts into my skin.




summer scent inspiration


My go-to summer scent is Ferragamo Signorina. I got it as a gift many years ago and it quickly became one of my favorite scents. It’s very light and long lasting with hints of jasmine and roses. Sometimes, I mix it with a rollerball amber scent that I bought at an outdoor market. I love the feeling I have when I smell it throughout my day. It makes me feel like it is my own personal scent.





I found scent-spiration inside, of all places, a 12-story stationery store in Tokyo’s Ginza district. The Japanese brand Aroma was featured in Itoya’s home level, showcasing many essential oil blends as well as a truly heavenly selection of travel-friendly rollerballs. My choice, Trust, hosts a unique blend of hinoki, frankincense, patchouli, coriander, and juniper. It’s certainly one of my new favorite things.

My other go-to for summer travels is a clean-scented Chloé Eau du Parfum in an efficient rollerball, which is easy for post-beach lunch or dinner dates. The spray bottle is a staple at home as well, with key notes of peony, rose, honey, and cedarwood. The floral scent is fresh and feminine, without being too sweet, and reminds me of my extremely classy friend Camille.




summer scent inspiration


While shopping for a gift for someone else in one of my favorite stores in Venice beach, Burro, I came across the brand Maison Louis Marie. After almost buying out their whole stock of candles, I noticed they had roll on perfumes – which I prefer because my skin holds the scent better with roll on compared to sprays. 

I fell into a sort of smell euphoria when I smelled No.02 Le Long Fond. This scent is a savory mixture of hinoki wood accord underlined by notes of cedarwood and patchouli with a strong amber character. Ever since then I was hooked.




summer scent inspirationSo, I actually just discovered this unisex fragrance a few weeks ago. But it is indeed divine, and it’s also a two-for-one hence why it’s called a functional fragrance. What does that mean exactly? Green cardamom, palo santo, iris, and cilantro filled scents is one-part fragrance, one-part stress reliever. Nue Co. understands that smells can “trigger both emotional and physiological responses,” and wanted to use a fragrance to help relieve high levels of stress by breathing it in for six seconds, and spritzing when needed throughout the day. The brand worked with the same perfumer behind Le Labo’s Palo Santo as well as tested people in the Brain & Behavior Laboratory at the University of Geneva to see how their brains responded to smelling the scent. Smelling like a woodsy paradise and relieving stress? I can’t think of a more chill way to spend the summer.


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