8 DIY Makeup Halloween Looks

by Chinea Rodriguez

Aaliyah Jay Halloween Look


As soon as October rolls around we’re ready to get into the Halloween spirit. There are plenty of fun activities to get into, whether it’s binge watching scary movies, buying scary decorations, and going all out on costume ideas. If you haven’t been already planning what you’re dressing up as this year, it’s not too late to put together something fun and easy. Sometimes October 31st just sneaks up on you no matter how prepared you thought you were.


Halloween Inspiration from YouTube Makeup Tutorials

Thankfully, with the help of Youtube tutorials, the days of picking up a last-minute bagged costume in a crowded costume shop are long gone. With a little bit of makeup you likely already own and a lot of creativity you can pull off something better than last year’s black cat, though there are tons of great cat tutorials too. We’ve scoured Youtube tutorials for a mix of looks you can easily DIY in no time. Check them out below. 


If You Want Creepy Without the Creepy Crawlies Try This Look by AALIYAHJAY

This look is a cool illusion that is made up of makeup products you probably already own, or can grab from the drugstore. After applying the base makeup and a smokey eye, YouTuber Aaliyah Jay creates the spider illusion with liquid eyeliner, black eyeshadow, and white eyeliner. Get as glam as you want with the rest of the look, she pairs her spider with a gold and nude lip and a pop of green liner. The best part is that with this you can wear whatever outfit and hair you want. 


If Maleficent Left You Feeling Inspired Try This Look by Arnell Armon

Make use of the flower crowns and headbands from festival season you might have lying around with this easy fairy look. YouTuber Arnell Armon uses affordable and pigmented Makeup Geek shadows to create a colorful eye look and multicolored freckles. To get the freckled look she mixed the eyeshadow with Inglot Duraline mixing medium to create a liquid liner, you can use this method or grab affordable liners from Colourpop or NYX. What really pulls the look together is the glowy purple highlighter and iridescent glitter. 


If You Want To Be a Mermaid Without The Difficulties of a Tail Try This Look by Kate Manihera

The scale-y illusion on this pretty makeup looks hard but it’s actually so easy. After using Morphe eyeshadows and Lit Cosmetics glitter to create the cool aqua eye look, Kate Manihera takes the same shades across her forehead and cheek using fishnet stockings as a stencil. She contours with the same shadow and completes the mermaid look with a matching aqua wig. Don’t forget to add plenty of glitter!


If You Want A Look That’s Out of This World Try This Look by Qinni by Miranda Hedman

Create a constellation of stars on your face with this Space Princess makeup that requires a few colorful shadows, glitter, and lots of blending. Miranda Hedman uses products from the affordable drugstore brand NYX, proving you don’t have to splurge to get a pretty and pigmented look. She finishes the look with a matching wig and purple lipgloss.


If You Are Still Sad True Blood Ended Try This Look by Ellarie

This tutorial creates a look that’s a little scary but still sexy that can be used as a base for several costumes. Ellarie creates an exaggerated smokey eye with red and black shadows and adds in vein details with red shadow. She pairs the eye look with a sharp contour and finishes with extra long lashes and a black lip. 


If You Want Look That’s Scary But Still Glam Try This Look by Bargain Bethany

Believe it or not, this entire look was created with affordable makeup from the Dollar Tree. To achieve this look yourself, all you will need is white face paint and a brown shadow to create depth, all the extras are up to you but with such a standout look you may want to keep everything else simple. 


If You Can’t Stop Thinking About Euphoria and You’re Team “Rules” Try This Look by cutcreaser

Not exactly Halloween makeup, but there’s no time more appropriate to wear something you wouldn’t usually wear. This cloud liner look seen in Euphoria on the character Jules (Hunter Schafer) can easily go with an angel or fairy costume and it’s even easier to achieve. The YouTuber uses a white Fenty liner and a little bit of patience to outline the eye in a fluffy cloud. 


If Your Maddy is Your Fave Euphoria Girl Try This Look by Strashme

Maddy (Alexa Demie)  on Euphoria has looks on and off the show. Ashley Strashme on Instagram and YouTube, pulled inspiration for this look from Demie herself. The glittery, gem covered beauty look is another look that’s not exactly for Halloween but couldn’t be more appropriate for a pairing with a pretty costume, think princess or fairy.

What Halloween look will you be going for this year, pretty birds?


Photo Credits: Aaliyah Jay via talkingwithtami.com

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