7 Minute Workout To Do Anywhere

by Tamu McPherson
Jumping Jacks
Wall Sit
Abdominal Crunch
Step-up Onto Chair
Triceps-dip Chair
High Knees Running In Place
Push-up and Rotation
Side Plank

With the weather warming up and everybody freaking out that bikini season is practically here, we wanted to help out all you pretty birds. We know that at times it is tough to find a gym when you are travelling, so we have devised a super easy 7-minute workout for you to do anywhere. When you find yourself with little space and let’s be honest, little motivation to go out and train, this program is an awesome high intensity interval workout that requires just you, a chair and a wall. Each exercise should be done for a duration of 30 seconds with 10 second rest intervals, for a total of 7 minutes. Have fun and get your sweat on.

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