7 beauty tips for those going into the mountains


7 beauty tips for those going to the mountains

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Michela Marra | Wednesday August 2nd 2017

7 beauty tips for those going to the mountains

The mountain is perhaps your preferred summer destination. We totally understand your attraction. It is an optimal anti-heat destination and it is also the ideal place for countless outdoor activities and, in general, discovering new places. What to put in the beauty case you ask? Here are some tips that will help you select the best products for your alpine sojourn.

Never forget a sun cream with high protection. Choose a sun protection factor (SPF) of no less than 30.

Our suggested product: DEFENCE SUN Milk fluid with very high protection 50 by BioNike. Lightweight and not sticky, is great for the body. Available as spray, it is also suitable for those who practice sport.

Bring with you a great multitasking cream against sunburn and insect bites.

Our suggested product: Universal Cream by Filorga. Thanks to urea, which is a moisturizing factor naturally present in the skin, and to encapsulated hyaluronic acid, this cream helps to restore the water balance of the skin. It also helps to fight skin dryness, burning and redness caused by external aggressions, giving a feeling of wellbeing.

The skin needs as much moisture in the mountains as it does at the seaside. Never forget to use a good moisturizer at night.

Our suggested product: Intensive moisturizer Hydraenergy by Korff. With a smooth and creamy texture, in contact with the skin it turns into a fresh and light film. Thanks to the action of Hydroplus Complex, with hyaluronic acid at high molecular weight and Viola tricor extract, it deeply moisturizes the skin and inhibits transdermal water loss.

Protect your facial skin, encourage smoothness, a radiant complexion and cover imperfections.

Our suggested product: SPORTS BB by Shiseido, the first BB cream designed specifically for those who practice outdoor activities.

Choose a long lasting lipstick but, at the same time, a nourishing one.

Our suggested product: Rossorossetto by Diego Dalla Palma. It has a creamy, intense and luminous finish, with medium cover. The active ingredients in the formula make it an anti-age ally and an excellent moisturizer.

Leave your usual scent at home and opt for a fresh and light fragrance that gives a boost of energy.

Our suggested product: Eau de Parfum Perle de Coco by & Other Stories. Characterized by playful notes of red apples and caramel, it references the exoticism of bamboo, jasmine and ylang. Finally, vanilla, coconut milk and sandalwood lead this summer’s rhapsody on the skin and in the depths of the soul.

If space in your suitcase is little, bring multitasking make-up products. For example, blush that can be used also as an eye shadow or a multi-purpose palette.

Our suggested product: Sephora Mini multi-purpose makeup palette. It contains four eye shadows, a blush, a solar powder and a small mirror, for being your most gorgeous self any time of the day!

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