7 Anti-Aging Eye Creams To Try Right Now

by Tamu McPherson

anti-aging eye creams


Do you know why I love my sunglasses so dearly, Pretty Birds? Other than accentuating my features and adding a bit of flair to any look, they perfectly conceal all the micro-defects around my eyes. The small but resistant dark circles (that sometimes even the best of concealers or foundation can’t hide) disappear instantly behind summer shades, and while this may only be a superficial solution, it does give me some peace of mind, and maybe even a little glamour to boot.  


Anti-Aging Eye Creams

In some strange paradox, sunglasses (that I will continue to madly love because they are a fundamental piece to my signature look) may strategically cover this zone of the face, but they also part of the problem. Glasses put a little pressure on the area of ​​the root of your nose, no matter how light the frame. Over time, this pressure causes a small slowing of the subcutaneous blood microcirculation, which causes dark circles. That’s why every time I look in the mirror, especially when I’m very tired, I cannot help but reflect on the fact that it’s really time to find THE SOLUTION – and a definite one.

So, a few days ago, I asked my dermatologist to help me find an efficient remedy to diminish dark circles and small expression lines. Obviously, I could not resist flooding him with questions – déformation professionelle – to which I had more or less all the answers I wanted (but sadly found the magic wand I hoped for in fact does not exist). So I am sharing these tips with you because I’m sure you, too, have on occasion looked in the mirror only to grimace at unpleasant dark spots under your beautiful eyes.


First Off: What Causes Dark Circles?

Greyish-blue coloring of the lower eyelid comes from the slowing of local microcirculation and accumulation of melanin. This genetic and vascular phenomenon especially affects those who have very thin and clear skin, or who have problems with anemia, and often it increases during periods of high stress. If you sleep badly, work too much or workout too much, don’t be surprised if your dark circles are accentuated. The good news is: there is a remedy.


How Can We Prevent Dark Circles?

Put aside whatever products comprise your normal facial skincare routine, because, as a rule, what works for the rest of your face does not work on your eyes. The reason is simple: the skin in the eye area is thinner than the rest of the face, and lacks the sebaceous glands that create natural protection. As a result, the eye area appears more arid, and is more prone to swelling and signs of small wrinkles (accentuated by our facial expressions throughout our lives). Eye creams are the important first step, together with a series of basic precautions, such as protecting your eyes from light and integrating a diet with detoxifying vitamins to improve blood circulation. Your eye’s biggest enemy is alcohol, so limit the best you can. There are also a few small tricks that you can try in order to maximize the benefits of your eye cream (and make the application even more enjoyable):


Apply the eye cream in the right direction

Move from inside to outside, starting from the nose to the cheekbone and then pushing up until the eyebrows. Make sure to apply the product only after you have carefully removed any make up residue.


Massage the eye area during application

Morning and night, when you apply the cream, you can take advantage of nice massage that reactivates your circulation. Tap with your fingertips, from the inner corner of the eyes to the temples. Try a little “firming exercise”: eyes closed tight, count to ten, and tap as much as possible. The exercise should be repeated at least five times, before blotting the eyes with a cotton disk soaked in cold water and with a drop of essential rose oil to help decongest.


Choose the formulation that’s right for you

This depends on your needs, which is often mostly determined by your age. We are mainly talking about anti-aging creams here, but these creams, which often stimulate microcirculation will also normally include hydrating and elasticity properties. If you have under-eye bags, you might prefer creams that reduce swelling, while dark circles call for formulas with invigorating properties.


Mix your skincare and makeup

To cover up your bags and dark circles, mix your aging decongestant formulas with a foundation that matches perfectly your skin tone. For the maximum result, use concealer after the foundation. 


Try some extras (Masks and Wraps)

Add to your nightly routine a decongesting mask – then sink into a regenerating sleep.

Overwhelmed with choices? Try some of our favorites!

Filorga Eyes-Absolute Ultimate Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Works on all types of wrinkles (from superficial to fatigue to simple expression lines). Thanks to blend of hyaluronic acid and peptides, it reactivates microcirculation and has a filling effect. As a bonus, it stimulates the growth of eyelashes.


Eye Cream Dr. Barbara Sturm

Reduces the signs of fatigue, thanks to Vitamin E, Panthenol, Macadamia nut oil and sugar beets. This feels particularly amazing going on if stored in the refrigerator.


Mad Hippie Eye Cream  

Contains a complex of peptides that improves your skin’s elasticity, while Chamomile extract soothes and calms. Pomegranate, Vitamin C and white tea are also potent antioxidants.


Lancome Genifique Eye Youth Activating Eye Cream

Thanks to the new smoothing formula and the combination of probiotic fractions, it heightens the signs of youthfulness of the skin, giving you a more rested and luminous look.


Yves Saint Laurent Or Rouge Creme Regard Eye Cream

This product has the strength of anti-ageing thanks to the pistil of saffron and active complex able to combat 11 signs of aging.


Daily Hydrating Eye Cream Dr. Hauschka

The composition, with a base of rose water, pineapple and Calendula, helps the skin to preserve its hydration, while soothing and refreshing overall. In the formulation, avocado oil, macadamia nut and sea buckthorn berries protect, smooth and relax the skin around the eyes.


REN Keep Young and Beautiful™ Firm and Lift Eye Cream

A unique mix of peptides that make this cream one of the best solutions to reduce crow’s feet and dark circles.


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