6 Workouts for Strengthening and Scultping Your Abs

by Tamu McPherson

Hey There Birds,
As many of you know, staying active is really important for our physical and mental health. We live in a hectic world, and exercise can help to strengthen our ability to cope with the many demands thrown our way. That’s why I made working out a priority in my life. When I plan my day, I always set aside time for exercise. And when I’m traveling, I always try to get in some form of physical activity.
I’m having such a great time sharing my fitness moments with you and hearing about yours too. You guys inspire and encourage me so much! So, I’ve teamed up with @nikewomen to bring you a series of fitness videos. The idea behind the collaboration came about from my desire to be more consistent with the workouts I share, and to bring you more #fitspo in general. The Nike team who has been an important influence in my fitness journey loved the concept and offered to help me out.
Here’s a clip from my first video which focuses on Core exercises – because, tight, sculpted Abs are always a good idea – no matter the season!
In the video I do the following exercises:
•    Warm Up: Walk outs – 1 Minute
•    Modified Side Plank (Static)- 30 seconds each side
•    Side Plank Crunches With Variation – 30 seconds
•    Russian Twist – 1 Minute
•    Alternative Froggers- 30 Seconds
•    Toe Touches- 1 Minute
•    V- Ups – 30 Seconds
Stay tuned for more episodes, check out these and similar core exercises on the NTC App, and get ready for some serious fitness!
Also visit http://gonike.me/comm_traintuesday to get in on the “Train Tuesday” fun!
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