6 Workouts for a Core Countdown

by Tamu McPherson

6 Workouts for the Core

Hey there Pretty Birds,
I celebrated my “BIG 4-0” in Jamaica over the weekend and enjoyed plate-loads of jerk chicken, curry goat, fried bammy, dumplings and my weight in festival, plus what feels like 20,000 liters of rosé. As you can imagine, my wine belly, while totally happy and satisfied, is a bit bloated and in need of some love and attention. So it’s a good thing that I filmed this core-centric episode before leaving Milan last week. These exercises are great for core conditioning and stability, hip strength and lower body endurance. So let’s get centered!

Here is a breakdown of the workout:
1. Mountain Climbers- 50 Seconds
2. Straight Leg Bicycles- 40 Seconds
3. Bird Dog- 30 Seconds Alternating
4. Hip Lift March- 20 Times Alternating
5. Crab Toe Touches- 16 Times Alternating
6. Side Plank Knee Drives- 14 Times Each Side

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