6 Burpee Beach Workouts to Boost Mobility, Endurance and Metabolic Burn

by Tamu McPherson

Hey There Pretty Birds,
Here is another workout for you to do on the beach before tucking in for an amazing day of family, picnic and fun. This Burpee Beach workout taken from the #NTC App, allows you to give love to so many different parts of the body, core, legs and arms, while helping you to level up your mobility, endurance and metabolic burn. Great, no? I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of a workout that targets so many areas of my fitness. I always feel like I’ve gone the extra mile after completing one, and I’m able to ease into what ever my day brings on. Also, with the increased movement that many of us experience during the Summer months (travel, outdoor events, parties), this workout can help you to improve your breathing (no more getting out of breath when packing and unpacking the car); help you when joining in a pick up volleyball game on the beach, or an impromptu tennis match against your nine-year-old; and help you to burn off that extra burger you threw on the grill. If you are like me and love a good BBQ, that last item should have you running to throw on your workout gear.

Here’s a break down of the workout! Go hard and get yours!

1. Reverse Lunge Reaches – 10 times alternating
2. Boat to Low Boat- 12 times
3. Hip Lift March- 20 times alternating
4. Lateral Shuffle Burpees- 16 times
5. Burpees- 10 times

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