5 Illustrators To Follow on Instagram

by Kristi Veliaj

5 Illustrators To Follow on Instagram By Kristi Veliaj

Dear Pretty Birds,

During my recent mornings in Milano, as soon as I wake up, still in my bed yearning for a huge cup of coffee, first thing I do is check my Instagram. What’s new about that? I mean I know I am not alone here. What’s new is that I have a latest obsession for illustrators. 400 million instagram users around the world know that your feed is only as good as who you follow, that’s why I’ve decided to fill mine with talented and super inspiring illustrators.
Some from the fashion world and others from different areas of life, these five personalities are extremely important for you to start following.

Olimpia Zagnoli @olimpiazagnoli

We recently featured her in our section “Pretty Birds”, where we meet young talented individuals and let you in for a peak of their world. Olimpia will bring to your feed that color spiciness you need while sipping your cappuccino.


Liselotte Watkins @liselottewatkins

Wonderful Lise, is a mother of two, now based in Rome, with a huge passion for interiors. Sharing from fashion to design, she’s crazy for her pens and her dog Hundis (which I secretly love).


Janelle Burger @janelleburger

A young illustrator from Paris, with an incredible sense of humor and a special skill for patterns and color matching. “Follow” her and you’ll never regret it.


Lucia Emanuela Curzi @ludiary

Based in London but from le Marche (+10 points, because I’m from le Marche too), Miss Curzi has the quality of representing everything in a more chic and sophisticated way. Her illustrations are light and feminine. I would hang them in every free space I have in my room.


Maria Ines Gul @mariainesgul

Her Bio says: “Drawing 24/7” and her illustrations are cheering my days up 24/7 too. She’s based in London and her iconic bob is so cool that after checking her feed, I bet you’ll call your hair salon to book an appointment. We love her, that’s it.


Photo Courtesy of Olimpia Zagnoli, Janelle Burger, Maria Ines Gul , Liselotte Watkins and Lucia Emanuela Curzi.

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