The 5 Gorgeous New Eyeshadow Palettes You Need To Try

by Team ATPB

Ok, I’ll admit it: when I’m in a rush in the morning, I’m content with simply applying a stroke of black eyeliner and some mascara. “Essential” is how I define this look; it’s how I do my eyes when I’ve got less than 5 minutes (because I’m already late) to devote to the makeup that I put on so that I don’t feel… naked. You beauty addicts surely get what I’m talking about, because if you’re no longer used to seeing yourself without any makeup on, even the slightest bit, without it you tend to feel uncomfortable. So, you have to find some sort of solution.   

Now that I’ve revealed my “recipe” for a fast&furious beauty solution, let’s talk about what happens when I have time to apply eye makeup by the book. In other words, mixing eye shadows, choosing shades and finishes according to a given mood, using different brushes to apply my makeup… basically, when makeup becomes pure fun! That’s why I’m always on the lookout for the latest palette, the one that absolutely must find its way into my beauty case. I’ve already laid eyes on (and actually held in my hands) some of this spring’s must have products. There are five, so read on and decide which one you find most intriguing!

I Am Divine KAT VON D Eyeshadow Palette
This is part of a limited edition collection inspired by one of Kat’s top muses: the one and only drag queen, Divine. Divine’s makeup has now become totally iconic and has even inspired the character of Ursula in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”! Despite the unrelenting criticism, Divine has always been true to herself, thus conveying a message of strength and hope for those identifying with marginalized subculture. Today, Divine continues to inspire victims of bullying in any environment. So, what’s to special about this palette? It contains 8 eyeshadows, all limited editions, that range from matte tones to shimmer hues to metallic shades, all of which are very pigmented!

NARS Fleur Fatal Eyeshadow Palette
This palette is also part of a collection born from the partnership with acclaimed fashion designer Erdem Moralioglu, who was able to express his dreamy, nostalgic style in the world of beauty as well. And he did so by choosing eyeshadows in bold, pure tones for eyelids, lips and face. The hues in this palette include (from left to right): MYTHIOS, ivory; THISTLE, metallic brown; FLOURISH, metallic blue;  BELLADONNA, matte brown; DAYDREAM, bronze HOLLY HOCK, satin purple.

Star Lit Eye Shadow Palette by Make Up For Ever
This new palette by MUFE is inspired by the many different lights in the galaxy and contains 18 eyeshadows that are divided into six harmonious color groups so that you can create an infinite number of looks. The shadows come in three different finishes: matte, metallic and sparkly chrome. Mix them up to create unique makeup looks.

Too Faced Chocolate Gold
This luxurious palette is made up of gold and cocoa metallic eyeshadows which feature a delightful chocolate fragrance (they smell just as inviting as they look). They have a bright finish and a soft, velvety consistency which allows for the powders to provide full coverage.

And finally…

It’s not an eye palette but it’s so versatile that we figured — why not?! — this could totally be used to illuminate your gaze as well! We’re talking about the latest Urban Decay Sin Afterglow Palette which was inspired by Sin, the shade of Urban Decay’s best-selling illuminator. It contains six pods which include three shades of illuminator and three shades of blush, all of which lost the legendary Afterglow formula (three are “favorites” while the other three are brand new). You can use them on their own or mix them to create personalized finishes. Also, the fine, slightly powdery formula is super soft to the touch, easy to blend and lasts eight hours.

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