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by Alyx Carolus



Whether you’re an avid astrology enthusiast who gets ready for the mess that can be Mercury Retrograde or someone who doesn’t understand the hype at all, astrology is more than just a hot topic. There’s no denying that people are buying up crystals, incense and getting way involved in understanding their birth charts. Some media outlets are calling it “the new age of astrology”. But the reality is, with more information accessible to larger audiences, more so-called niche interests are making headlines around the world.


Astrology Apps We Love

Here at ATPB, we’ve welcomed Adama Sesay, founder of Lilith Astrology as our resident astro expert. But now you can dip your toes into the zodiac with a plethora of awesome astrology apps on the market. Get your date of birth ready and go forth to the esoteric!


Co-Star Astrology

One of the most popular astrology apps around, known for its chic, minimalist layout and hyper-accurate readings, Co-Star Astrology is all over social media. The official website defines the app as “a key to decoding the cosmos”. So how do you use it? Once you’ve downloaded it, add in your information – you’ll need to know your date of birth, birthplace and the time of your birth. These key parts help the app create your astrology profile and your birth chart. You’ll get information on your sun, moon and rising sign along with daily astrology updates. Co-Star also doubles up as somewhat of a social network, you can connect with friends and see how compatible you are, astrologically. 

Available on: iOS and Android (Google Play)


The Pattern

Another hit with astrology enthusiasts, The Pattern is known for hyper-personalized daily insights. The process to sign up and create a profile is simple enough, once again you’ll need your birthplace, date and time of birth information to start. The hype around the Pattern seemingly came out of nowhere, although actor Channing Tatum spoke about it on his social media sparking interest from his fans and beyond. The app is famous for daily insights but also the easy way that users can explore their Pattern aka personality traits and behavioral patterns. The app also allows you to meet new people, add your voice to new chat forums on particular Patterns and share your own personal experiences. 

Available on: iOS and Android (Google Play)


Galaxy Tarot 

Always wanted to delve into the world of tarot? You can do tarot readings on-the-go from the comfort of your phone with Galaxy Tarot. The Android-only app is easy enough for beginners who want to understand the tools of divination but might not have access to physical resources. Users can sign up with a profile and there are various tutorials to guide you through cards, readings and the meanings behind them. It might not be the most traditional way to engage with tarot, but it’s great for those interested in getting a personal reading in the future. There are in-app purchases if you want a more premium experience, with access to new in-depth spreads and a tarot journal. 

Available on: Android (Google Play)


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Chaturanga Astrology 

You may have heard the word Chaturanga while attending an Ashtanga yoga class, but the term derived from Sanskrit, and the pose itself is known for strength. The official website mentions, ‘astrology connects us with our essential design, lets us understand our natural strengths and talents and find where or how they may be most appreciated. So how is it different from other apps on the market? The premise is that you’re able to ask questions on the go. Users who sign up with this app are able to connect with real-life astrologers and ask them questions (you get one question free, the rest you’ll need to fork out money for). You can buy 5 or 10 questions if you need some guidance and access to an astrologer online. Users get to rank answers and rate the service. 

Available on: iOS and Android (Google Play)


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The Astrology of January is quite intense, featuring a lunar eclipse as well as Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Pluto, and Eris. All these powerful planetary archetypes have come together for January of 2020 either as part of a large Capricorn stellium that is active right from the very beginning of the month, in alignment with the current lunations, or, in the case of Eris, in square with Saturn-Pluto. Of course, the biggest headline news for the month is the perfection of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction which has been forming for many weeks, and which symbolizes an empowerment of the limitations of Saturn as well as the massive structural transformations implied by a greatly emphasized Pluto in combination, affecting us all both individually and collectively. This anticipated event is exact on January 12th, and active for the days surrounding this moment of time, beginning with the January 10th Cancer Full Moon eclipse at 20 + degrees of Cancer-Capricorn. This is a mere two degrees from the 22-degree mark of Saturn-Pluto. Because we remain in the midst of the Capricorn lunation cycle begun late on Christmas Day with the solar eclipse and New Moon that took place early in the sign, conjunct Jupiter and trine Uranus in Taurus, that trickster energy of surprise and brilliant observation is very much in the picture of this month’s energy as well. Powerful Uranus, that wants freedom of expression above all else, and is always more than willing to jump the tracks of existing habit patterns, must contend, in the timing of the mid-month lunar eclipse, with an extra-potent dose of Saturn, that wants above all to put a clamp on things, holding them down from too experimental an approach. We see this being acted out in the current zeitgeist by the powerfully progressive voices being raised running up against conservative forces absolutely holding the line. The lunar eclipse also has Mercury appearing in partile or same-degree conjunction with the eclipse Sun, further strengthening it impact… ⠀ Continue reading about January’s astrology at our bio link ⟹@astrographastrology ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #astrology #astrologypost #astrologyposts #astrologersofinstagram #january2020

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An app that’s good for beginners and seasoned astrology lovers, TimePassages is relatively simple to use. Users can access their birth charts, get free daily horoscopes and compatibility meters with partners. There’s an in-depth glossary so you can learn about astrological terms, the zodiac, moon phases and more. 

Available on: iOS 


Are you interested in astrology? What apps are you using right now? Let us know below – we love hearing from you!


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