4 New Trends We Can’t Wait To Wear… Literally

by Jessie Ajluni

With the official start of the New Year upon us, I feel the need to update my wardrobe in a major way. Gone are the sparkly frocks and satin suits of last year’s holidays, and in their places I’m left with a void of what-to-wears during these bitterly cold months. I’ve already chatted about my plans for outerwear this season and how I will be beating the chill, but what about the rest of my wardrobe?

What do you do when all the lovely new selections retailers are offering from Resort and Spring feel too tropical vacation vibes and seem less than ideal for battling the elements? Well, Pretty Birds, I am once again turning to our Chief Lover, Tamu, for guidance, and scouring our archives for some inspirations on how to rock these lovely warmer weather styles now.


Light Wash Denim

Let me start of by saying I am a huge – and I do mean HUGE – fan of denim. I’ve chatted in depth with fashion experts about my and the general fashion industry’s shared love affair for this versatile fabric. When I began to notice all the lovely light wash jean pieces popping up in stores, I knew instantly that I needed to scoop up some my own wardrobe. But how to rock these fair-hued staples when I typically would only think to wear them during the balmy months of summer? The key, of course, is to pair them with winter whites. This perfect color combo works in any amalgamation; for an easy introduction, try a jean and white boot mix or for a more put together look. Or how about a matching cream chunky sweater and wide leg pant paired with a denim coat. The combinations are endless.

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Oversized Earrings

It’s true: these door-knocking beauties don’t really have anything to do with staying warm, but I do find them more challenging to wear as the temperatures drop. Due to their statement-making size, pairing them with a large scarf or hat can be a challenge. Also, with metal so close to my face when the weather is almost in negative digits, I actually worry about getting frostbite. So, the solution that I have come up with is a trusty turtleneck!  It keeps your neck and face protected, and you don’t have the added bulk of a scarf. For the ultimate chic pairing throw on a sporty leather jacket.

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Mixed Metal Bags

One of my absolute favorites trends this season is the mixed metal handbag. From gold to copper, pewter to silver, anything goes, as long as you are wearing it all with these purses. From Proenza Schlouer and Chloe’s graphic iterations to Zara and Dries Van Noten’s floral fantasies, there is a silhouette for any aesthetic. But, with so much going on in one piece, how should you wear it? We suggest going monochrome with the rest of your look. This sleek sophisticated style puts all the focus on these attention-grabbing pieces.    

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Floral Fabulous

There is just something about winter floral prints that I love. Whether it is the contrast to the bleak grey days around me, or the chance to live out my inner fantasy as a Gucci campaign head, I will always want to rock this style in winter, and it seems that designers are feeling my vibes this season, as well. Granny-chic silhouettes mixed with wallpaper prints, this look ticks all my boxes for the perfect ensemble.  The key to staying warm and keeping this look modern is to pair with contrasting shapes. Got a slinky silk dress? Pair it with an oversized multicolored fur coat. It’s all about the balance.

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Did you like our picks for the best new in trends? Tell us what you’ll be buying this winter!

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