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The 4 Festive Go-Tos You Need For Any Holiday Occasion

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Jessie Ajluni | Wednesday December 6th 2017

From your glittering galas to your annual cut-throat game of Charades with the fam, the holidays are filled with cheer, love, and plenty of opportunities for a bit of glamour. But when you have officially over-committed yourself to a gamut of events – each naturally requiring a fresh look – the holidays suddenly become less about good cheer and just another cause for stress. But have no fear: we have all of the key pieces you need for your most epically stylish and ambitiously overscheduled holidays right here.

Holiday with the Family
Ah, holidays with the family… the food, the love, and the DRAMA. Festive family fun can be just as trying as it is joyful, but don’t add to the stress by worrying about what to wear. Throw on a festive sweater (we suggest one with sequins or jewels for a little something extra) and navigate each family conversation with the confidence of wearing an actual conversation piece. Whether dressed up with a metallic skirt or paired with a relaxed jean, this classic holiday chameleon is perfect for tackling the craziest of family gatherings.

Holiday with Friends
Perhaps my absolute favorite kind of holiday party is the gathering of all my friends that have supported me over the years for our annual #FriendshipGoals Summit. But what do you wear when amongst such inspiring stylebosses? The answer, my friends, is a kick ass jumpsuit. Whether in lush velvet or head-to-toe sequins, there are endlessly festive jumpsuits options out in the market right now. Break the mold and stand out among your peers in this style statement maker.

Holiday at the Office
I will admit that I haven’t worked in a traditional office setting in several years now, and even then, working at a fashion magazine comes with a whole different concept of “work appropriate dressing”, but the one style star that can work in any office party scenario is the statement blazer. Whether velvet, metallic or sequined, this festive style-maker is the perfect go-to of the holiday season, and can be worn well into the new year after you’ve packed away the rest of your glittering holiday style.

Holiday Glam Party
For the ultimate in holiday dressing, go for the glam. Gowns may not be a necessity for every party season, but when they are, the rule is: go big or go home. Look for a dress that can also be worn for other occasions throughout the year – but remember that bright cherry red or emerald green not only work perfectly for the holidays, but can also be paired with different color stories in Spring and Summer for a whole new look. If you’re looking for something more classic, metallic or white is the ultimate fallback, guaranteeing elegance and style.



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