4 Alternative Honeymoon Destinations

by Roki Prunali

4 Alternative Honeymoon Destinations by Roki Prunali

When the question of where to go on a honeymoon arises, couples rack their brain of the most remote, exotic place that they have never been to and would love to visit for a once in a lifetime vacation. Why not try a more alternative destination instead of the typical places we continuously hear about. Check out these four alternative honeymoon destinations to keep in mind while planning your trip, and if you are already married or single, take a mental note for a possible getaway.



If you are looking for a place that is completely isolated and the furthest on the map, Palau is your place. There are no urban distractions and it is a pure tropical paradise. Most of the prestine beaches are rather far and you need a speed boat to reach them, about 20-45 minute ride, so if you feel a bit queasy on a boat bring your Dramamine.

Where to Stay: The Palau Pacific Resort is the best getaway, situated beachfront on the Ngerkebesang Island. You feel like you are floating away with the current in there traditional Palauan bungalows.

What to Do: What else would you do when you are surrounded by water, go snorkeling. There are beautiful corals, WWII wreckage, and not to mention sharks. Want a local to take you out, try Fish ‘n Fins and you won’t regret it.


Mnemba Island

Africa may be known for its wildlife on land, but Mnemba Island, just off the coast from Zanzibar, boasts their own Island Marine Conservation Area with a plethora of sea life and marine species.

Where to Stay: And Beyond Mnemba Island cannot get any more remote, with its capacity of only 20 guests, you really feel that the islands is all yours. There is a no shoes rule, so leave them at home.

What to Do: Between April and August, the threatened species of the green turtle comes to this island as a nesting ground and it is really a sight to see.


Big Sur, California

Not a ton of money, but still looking for something special? The coast of California does not let you down and Big Sur showcases natural beauties that I am sure have passed through your Instagram feed.

Where to Stay: Post Ranch Inn’s view plays tricks with your mind. Once the fog rolls, while enjoying a glass of wine, it seems like you are above the clouds.

What to do: Hiking cliff side with the view of the vast ocean on one side and a forest full of gorgeous redwoods on the other. There are so many paths to choose from and none of them will disappoint.


Svalbard, Norway

I don’t think that there would be anything more romantic than staring at an immense sky full of the northern lights. This phenomenon is truly miraculous and this beauty should be experienced. Not to mention you are close to the North Pole, so sightings of polar bears, walruses and reindeer.

Where to Stay: There is not much around, but isn’t that the beauty of it? On the island of Spitsbergen, a rustic hotel, Trapper’s Basecamp, can take care of your needs. They offer a vast observatory on the roof to witness the lights without braving the cold.

What to Do: Snuggle up together in a sleeping back and stare into the sky as the beauty that is the Aurora Borealis passes through. You are more likely to see the northern lights between November and March.


Images Courtesy of National Geographic, andBeyond, Huffington Post, and VisitNorway.com

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