The 3 New Mascaras You Need To Try

by Team ATPB

Ive been looking for the best mascara Ill ever come to know for 22 years now. Well, do you know what? Ive tried hundreds of mascaras and I can honestly say that only a handful have ever succeeded in gaining the I could never part with youstatus. Its sad to admit, but Ive reached a conclusion: we have to stop thinking that we will ever find a single product that is able to give us all of the results were looking for.

A good mascara should be able to satisfy at least one of the things we want. So, it has to REALLY extend our lashes it we want longer lashes, or it has to truly thicken them if we are looking for volume. We have no choice but to do what I always do whenever new products and collections are launched try them all until I find the one that will become my must have productat least for a month or so. I cant truly say that I am ever faithful to a single product or trend; experimenting is an attitude that can produce interesting results. So, here I am to recommend 3 WOW mascaras you absolutely have to try.

Falling in love with packaging: Les Yeux Noirs Lash Amplifying Lacquer mascara by Louboutin
If you want lashes that have a dramatic finish, this product is a must for your beauty case. Volume and color are guaranteed from the very first coat. I do, however, have a confession to make: along with the quality of the product, the packaging totally hooked me. This mascara is signed Louboutin and that alone makes this THE product. Besides that, its jewel-like packaging recalls typical Art Deco architecture, and its golden silhouette includes a cap that is shaped like a crownyoull instantly feel like a queen! Basically, for once I suggest allowing yourself to be dazzled by the design and expanding your mascara collection with one seriously luxurious product.

Getting ready for Valentines Day: Sexy Booster Cat Eye Mascara by Physicians Formula
The weft of red lace makes this product unique. A high impact mascara thanks to its sensual design and the finish itll give your lashes, it has a very pigmented formula a very intense place and it will give your lashes a sort of fake look for up to 24 hours. Also, the new fire engine red applicator is designed to define every single lash, which is why all you need is one coat. If youve got a sweet tooth (like me), this is the mascara for you. Try smelling it and youll be pleasantly surprised by its sweet scent of vanilla!

A unique sensory experience with Total Temptation di Maybelline New York
Ok, Im going through one of those phases in which I let myself be guided entirely by scent when choosing a new product. My latest discovery is a new mascara by Maybelline NY (one of the most famous brands: whos never owned a Maybelline mascara?). It has a voluptuous formula, infused with coconut extract which releases a light, pleasant fragrance while the applicator moves between lashes making them immediately full and soft. The plus? It doesnt leave clumps and wont weigh your lashes down. It is ideal for those who want to create a wow effect without applying too much makeup to eyes.

How about you? Whats our favorite mascara? Leave a comment and tell us about your experiences!

Credit ph: Marcelo Matarazzo e Nathan Burrows

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