My Theresa Workout #6: Mini-Circuit Training Part.1

by Tamu McPherson

I hope that you’ve been enjoying this My Theresa Workout Series as much as my team and I enjoyed producing it. Now that we’ve focused on specific body parts, it’s time to mix up our work outs with mini-circuit training sessions. In this episode, we will be combining exercises that work the entire body.

Here is the run of this mini-circuit:
Jump Squats help to exercise the quads and calves while toning your whole body. Complete 4 sets of 8 reps.
Shoulder Press with Medicine Ball targets multiple upper body muscles and increases strength. Raise legs to intensify the workout and focus on your core. Complete 3 sets  f 8 reps.
The classic Push Up is an effective way to work the entire body: improve balance and stability: increase muscle density, upper body strength and a strong core. Complete  3 sets of 8 reps.

This content has been made with love for your inspiration.
These exercises and reps are only suggestions.
Please go at your own pace and refer to fitness professionals when necessary.

Video by Luca Spreafico.

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