My Beauty Routine: April Gargiulo, Vintner’s Daughter

by Anja Tyson

April Gargiulo, Founder of Vintner’s Daughter, on her beauty routine as told to ATPB.

My mornings usually start with one or two little girls sneaking into my bed. As you can imagine, with two small children and a growing business, a 10 step routine is not in the cards for me, but I am not willing to compromise on performance so my products have to work double and triple time.

My a.m. skin routine is simple, but super effective at waking the skin and feeding it the very finest nutrition so it can be at its best for the rest of the day. I splash some cool water on my face, apply a multi-active essence we are developing and then Active Botanical Serum. I always do a 30 second Push/Press session after applying Active Botanical Serum. It wakes my skin up and allows my serum to penetrate fully. I apply some Suntegrity sunscreen, Kjear Weiss mascara and I’m ready. I find 15-20 minutes to meditate and practice gratitude throughout the day. These are two things that ground me and allow me to bring my best self to my day.


My Beauty Routine


As much as products play an important part in skin, its diet, movement and spiritually that can really move the dial in terms of skin health. You can never expect a product to overcome a lifestyle that does not support physical and spiritual health. At night, my program is almost as simple. I cleanse my skin with a simple foaming cleaner. I change it up all the time, and now am using Nuori cleanser. Next, I apply our essence (in development), and then Active Botanical Serum. I have really been loving facial cupping lately and am doing that nightly after applying Active Botanical Serum. It elevates the micro circulation that Active Botanical Serum is already creating in the skin to deliver fresh, oxygenated blood to skin to assist in healing, rejuvenation and regeneration.

Depending on where my skin is at, maybe I apply an additional moisture step – May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon is one that is always in the rotation. I hop in bed with a giant cup (bowl really) of herbal tea, do one last instagram check and then read. I’m currently digging into a couple buddhist economics books. I want to create the very finest products in the land, but I also want to create a business where people thrive. It’s not all about revenue for us. I mean, we have to have it of course, but profit isn’t what drives us. There aren’t a lot of role models out there for this kind of company building and these books are helping me put this into perspective.

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