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Top 5 Instagram Accounts I’ll Be Stalking to Keep My Resolutions

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Roki Prunali | Thursday January 4th 2018

Another year has come and gone in a blaze, and here I am again making promises about all of the ways that this year it will be different. I am going to start that gym membership, try that fad diet and definitely, definitely be bikini ready by summertime. I don’t know who I am kidding. By March I am already burned out of dieting, and by summer… who needs a floatie when I have that extra roll around my waist.

Those infamous unattainable resolutions… why do I never see them through? I lose the drive. In 2018 I am going to need all the help I can get, so some serious inspo is in order if I’m going to keep this train chugging until bikini time.

Where better to get some instant inspiration than Instagram? And in order to stick to my wellness resolutions, here are the top 5 Instagram accounts that I’ll be stalking for motivation.

The Vegan Way

I can honestly say it is purely out of laziness that I do not dip my toe in the vegan pool. It seems so laborious to jazz up a vegan dish, whereas it is so easy to just throw in some bacon and voila: instant taste. The Dreamy Leaf serves up plant-based creative recipes that actually make me want to take the extra time to make some of her drool-worthy dishes. Since I will be trying to cut back on dairy and carbs, her page is right up my alley.

Sweet tooth

Don’t think for one second that I will deprive myself of my sweets. But, just like always, I need to be extra scrupulous with the sugar. The Minimalist Baker aims to give you recipes with 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl or 30 minutes to prepare. She also always attempts to stay plant-based.

Asian touch

My all-time favorite food is Japanese, but I must admit it is the hardest for me to tackle in the kitchen, and I am not only talking sushi. Chinamisakamoto has me overcoming my Japanese cooking fears with her to-die-for bento boxes. I may not be able to exactly recreate her beautiful dishes, because let’s face it – sushi is a real art, but a girl can still dream.

We Are Family

The Feed Feed may not always follow the latest diets on the horizon, but what made me fall in love with this Instagram (besides the lust worthy photography) is that is built on a community sharing of recipes. After the year we had in 2017, we all need a little community support and that doesn’t stop in the kitchen. From drinks to fresh fruits to some super glutinous recipes, they got you covered.

The Mom Life

A true personal momma inspiration, Valley Brink Road may not limit herself to filling her feed with strictly food, but her recipes are easy and simple. You can find her, for the most part, making her concoctions with her cutest little one, Costa (she is awaiting her second). She is truly proving that we can be boss moms, but also take the time for ourselves and kids to eat clean.

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