How to Restore Your Skin After Halloween & the Holidays

by Team ATPB

How to Restore Your Skin 

We all know that heavy makeup can irritate skin. This is especially true on certain occasions that call for excessively heavier makeup to be worn. Halloween is the perfect occasion for beauty addicts to experiment with new looks some of which are not easy to create that require the use of many products: from primer to foundation, to a mix of eye shadows and lipstick, to a large quantity of glitter. Fundamentally, our skin is really put to the test. Thats why once Halloween is over, we need to restore our skin by adopting a new beauty routine that will provide special pampering by detoxifying, nourishing and revitalizing skin. Unsure of what to do? Weve got some skincare tips that can help.

1) Detoxify your skin

Impurities and makeup residue are our skins worst enemies. What can they cause? Blemishes, enlarged pores and blackheads. In order to avoid having to repair damage, choose a mix of products that ensure the most thorough cleansing (yet that are still gentle).

The right product to restore your skin: 

Detox Cleansing Foam by Vasko Todorof Skincare has a green formula. Ideal for more sensitive skin, it has a Centifolia Rose-base formula. Its silky, liquid texture also is rich in vitamin C lathers to easily remove toxins. If you have combination or oily skin, choose the citrus fruit-based version. 

2) Choose a nourishing and purifying mask

Purificare skin is a definite must after having worn heavy makeup for days. Why not choose a facial mask that nourishes and brightens skin simultaneously?

The right product to restore your skin: 

Face Detox Purifying Mask by Depuravita contains vegetable carbon, clay, asparagus and turmeric which eliminate impurities and help tighten pores; meanwhile saffron from Sardinia is an antioxidant and brightens while cocoa exerts an anti-age action. The detox action, on the other hand, is strengthened by Boswellia and sea salt from The Dead Sea.

3) Oxygenate your skin

After having cleansed skin and eliminated any dirt residue, youll need to revitalize skin and oxygenate skin fibres to facilitate microcirculation.

The right product to restore your skin: 

Try this night treatment: Botanical D-Tox by Sisley eliminates deteriorated proteins thanks to action exerted by the peptidic extract from rice while the one from spelt eliminates toxins. Finally, Ginkgo biloba extra helps improve microcirculation. 

4) Moisturize your face

Skin appears rough and red. This is probably due to an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients in the makeup you wore for Halloween, or simply, skin is very sensitive and reacts when it is bombardedby pigments, powders, colored creams and glitter. Choose a very delicate moisturizer specifically for dry, sensitive skin.

The right product to restore your skin: 

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream helps keep the skins protective barrier in tact and has an immediate smoothing effect. It is very easily tolerated and contains no perfume or lanolin. 

5) Pamper and restore your skin with a moisturizing booster

Do you want to deeply hydrate your skin and have it last a long time? Before applying your cream, try using a serum or booster which will increase the effectiveness of your moisturizer.

The right product to restore your skin: 

Fluide Ecologique by Green Energy Organics contains hyaluronic acid, Baobab oil, Shiitake, Rice oil and Eco-Glycosaminoglycans. It regenerates skin, exerts an anti-age action, stimulates vitality and gives instant softness. When applied before applying your usual cream, it retains and increases hydration up by to 30% throughout the day.

Then, why not make a detox smoothie to restore your skin?

Our skins beauty depends greatly on everything we decided to eat and drink. If it has been a week full of Halloween-themed parties (thus meaning youve had one cocktail too many) dont be shocked if your skin reacts subsequently. To get it back to normal conditions, make a detox smoothie for breakfast, or during the day. These smoothies are best when they include fennel, celery, spinach, apples, kiwis, and cucumbers. Do you want to start the day off with lots of energy? Just include a banana as well!


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