Beauty Secrets of the Stars

by Team ATPB

Beauty Secrets of the Stars

Some rely on training, others confide in specific creams and others still in gluten-free and vegetarian diets. Their goal? Being in perfect shape. Below, weve listed some beauty secrets the stars swear by. Obviously, you should try all of them.

Jennifer Aniston

Even if genetics play a role, in Jennifer Anistons case it seems yoga also keeps her in great shape. Its called Yogalosophyand it was championed by guru Mandy Ingber; it is to be practiced three times a week. The results are visible to everyone!
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Gwyneth Paltrow

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is also the defender of a vegetarian and gluten-free diet. On her blog/diary she gives advice on how to reach overall wellness. As far as facial cleansing goes, she recommends using the Clarisonic brush, while her favorite creams seem to be those by Boots Laboratories.
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Jennifer Lopez

The secret to her success is called Tracy Anderson who is also Madonnas trainer. She brings protein-packed smoothies by her wellness brand BodyLab to the table.
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Selena Gomez

Code word? Workout. From yoga to pilates, from spinning to dance, its all useful for flaunting a body thats in perfect shape. Basically, its a yes to training but without the boredom.
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Emma Stone

Shes got an enviable complexion and a skin tone like very few. In her beauty case youll always find a hyaluronic acid-based mask like the one by Rodial Dragon’s Blood..
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Jessica Biel

Complexion is a true obsession for this actress as well. Jessica opts for Kiehl’s Creamy Eye with Avocado for her eyes and Ultra Facial Cream for perfect skin.
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Miranda Kerr

Passionate about yoga, holistic medicine and natural cosmetics, she has created the organic brand KORA Organics. Besides using products by her own brand, she seems to be passionate about meditation which she practices daily.
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