Meet OXOSI, A Luxury, Social Marketplace

by Tamu McPherson


Meet OXOSI, A Luxury, Social Marketplace By Tamu McPherson

Have you ever been scrolling through your Instagram feed or browsing your favourite website and come across the work of an emerging African designer and immediately do a search for where you can buy that sick AF dress or those you’re-killing-me-they-are-so-good trousers featured on said feed or site? Does your disappointment feel like someone has bore a hole in your fashion heart when you decipher that there are no stockists within feasible shipping range for you to bring those life-giving clothes home? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve experienced this sort of heartbreak when I was unable to shop my favourite African designers. I mean, it gets so bad that I’ve even contemplated boarding a flight for a continent-specific shopping trip. Hey, no judgment, I love clothes. But it looks like my frustration and desperation is now a thing of the past.

Meet OXOSI, a luxury, social marketplace that embodies Afromodernism and all the associated goodness blooming out of the diaspora in terms of design, art, fashion and innovation. In a recent article, the OXOSI founders, Kolade Adeyemo and Akin Adebowale, and chief operating officer Kwesi Blair told our good friend Marjon Carlos, that the self-authored concept of Afromodernism “focuses on a social and creative renaissance amongst the continent, and is the compendium of decades-worth of post-colonial mobility and social progress.” OXOSI aims to bring this bevy of creativity to consumers like you and I who are in search of imagery, fashion, art, design objects and other iconography that fit into the modern and international canvases of our lives. Through a continuously growing group of creatives, OXOSI’s mission is to help us curate our own experience within a community-based space.

The site offers trunk shows where you can can pre-order next-season collections. Last month’s trunk show featured designers like Lisa Folawiyo, Maki Oh, Maxhosa by Laduma, Bridget Awosika, and Loza Maléombho. Sign up to their mailing list for updates on future shows.

In addition to pre-ordering, there is also a traditional e-commerce shopping experience where you can purchase in-season items. And to keep us all inspired, OXOSI also publishes stunning editorials which feature works from its creatives and designers, and which turn the mirror on society. The breathtaking images place the works of OXOSI’s talents amongst today’s most engaging realities. In this context we are able to see how the objects that we desire to surround ourselves fit into our own lives and the world at large.

Head over to OXOSI.COM now and lose yourself in all the gorgeousness that awaits you there. Make sure you look out for exclusive new product dropping in February focused on their #VivaAfrica campaign, and most importantly become a part of the OX movement!

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Outfit Details:
Look 1 – Cardigan by Chulaap, Trousers by Loza Maléombho.
Look 2 – Dress by Maki Oh.
Look 3 – Dress by Maki Oh.
look 4 – Trench by Loza Maléombho.

Photographer, Eleonora Adani
Make-up Artist, Manuel Montanari

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