Splurge Fridays: Fabrizio Viti Daisy-embellished Suede Sandals

by Tamu McPherson


Fabrizio Viti Daisy-embellished Suede Sandals By Tamu McPherson

Wear them with glitter tights.

I’ve been waiting anxiously for Fabrizio Viti’s shoe line to hit stores. I almost passed out when I first laid eyes on a pair that bloomed out of Vogue America’s Instagram feed.

Mr. Viti has a stellar resume, having designed many of the iconic shoes to have graced catwalks and shoe salons over the last twenty-five years for brands including Patrick Cox, Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton where he currently holds the position of shoe director.

Mr. Viti teamed up with fashion powerhouse Alexia Niedzielski and her sister-in-law Gisela to launch the collection which is inspired by the 1960s film Please Don’t Eat The Daisies. What better inspiration? These floral beauties just jump out at you and stimulate all of your happy places. Even if you have to part ways with a few 100 dollars, think about the good you will be doing for society at large. Imagine all of the smiles and warm feels you’ll cause when you wear them. Now ain’t that worth the splurge?

Shop these stunners on Matchesfashion.com.

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